This Week I Start My Travels Through Central America!

Cenral America MAp by Google

This Week I Start My Travels Through Central America! To be honest, I had a lot of trouble deciding whether to call this article “Oh no! I’m leaving Mexico!” or as is. But to start things off on an optimistic note, let’s begin with my upcoming adventures through Central America: Yes, this Thursday, July 27th […]

All About Manzanillo – Mexico

manzanillo Bay - Mexico

All About Manzanillo – Mexico Manzanillo Bay is situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast about 200 km / south of famous Puerto Vallarta, a 3-4 hour drive or 6-hour bus trip from PV. The huge circular, nearly enclosed bay is surrounded by mountains and is extremely well-protected from weather and the often dangerous Pacific Ocean due […]

All About Cuyutlan – Mexico

Cuyutlan - Mexico at sunset

All About Cuyutlan – Mexico Cuyutlan is a practically unknown, small beach-side village situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast, just 30 km / 18 miles south of the huge cargo port of Manzanillo Bay. To be more accurate, Cuyutlan is actually well-known to local Mexicans from Manzanillo, Colima and other nearby towns. But just about anyone […]

Top Diving Destinations in Malaysia

Sea-turtle-fish-at Sipadan

Top Diving Destinations in Malaysia  Recently I was contacted by the team over at Sipadan Island diving website about helping to spread the word about diving there. Sipadan is a tiny island just off the coast the Malaysian state of Sabah, which is situated on large island of Borneo. Sipadan is quite famous among divers […]

Paradise at Punta Mita Cape– Mexico

wild beaches at PUnta Mita - MExico

Paradise at Punta Mita Cape– Mexico Punta Mita is a small, forested triangular cape jutting into the Pacific Ocean about one hour north of Mexico’s famous Puerto Vallarta resort region. The cape is lined by long, empty golden sand beaches interrupted by low rocky cliffs and headlands. Much less developed than Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita […]

All About San Luis Potosi – Mexico

Silent Procession on Good Friday - San Luis Potosi

All About San Luis Potosi – Mexico San Luis Potosi is yet another small city in central Mexico that has a beautiful historic center full of gorgeous architecture, small plazas and interesting museums. Probably the town’s biggest claim to fame – among Mexicans at least – is its annual Good Friday Silent Procession, held after […]

All About Zacatecas – Mexico

Zacatecas at night

All About Zacatecas – Mexico Zacatecas is a small Mexican city tucked into a tight valley and surrounded by low hills. Located on the northwestern edge of central Mexico’s vast highland plateau at an altitude of 2445 M / 8065 ft, Zacatecas has a very dry and surprisingly cold climate. I’m talking winter temps of […]

All About San Blas – Mexico

San Blas Beach - Mexico

All About San Blas – Mexico San Blas is a tranquil, undeveloped surfer’s beach on Mexico’s Pacific coast, about midway between the super-touristy resort areas of Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Although only about 3 hours by car or bus from either of those grossly-overdeveloped, bustling, mass-hotel/restaurant/bar/shopping zones, San Blas is enveloped in an entirely different […]

All About Mazatlan – Mexico

ugly Mazatlan

All About Mazatlan – Mexico Mazatlan is a highly developed seaside resort area on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It’s situated nearly in the middle of the country’s long, long coast, which puts Mazatlan a few hours north of Mexico’s even more famous resort areas of Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. It’s also directly across from Baja Peninsula’s […]

All About Guadalajara – Mexico

Gudalaljara Cathedral - with festival tents in the plaza

All About Guadalajara – Mexico It’s only fair to start this article by confessing that Guadalara turned out to be not my favorite city in Mexico. In fact, it’s pretty close to the bottom of my list! Despite that, I did manage to have a great time during my 10-day stay, in great part due […]


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