PHOTO GALLERY: Boats of Gili Meno Island – Indonesia

Boats - Gili Meno - lOMBOK - Indonesia

Boats – Gili Meno – lOMBOK – Indonesia

PHOTO GALLERY: Boats of Gili Meno Island – Indonesia

Strolling around charming Gili Meno island, off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia, for days on end, I was surprised to discover that many of Meno’s abundant boats vary remarkably in design, construction and size.

At most coastal regions and islands I’ve visited around SE Asia, I’ve found that local boats are invariably identical, save for the boat name or some other mark to distinguish one from another.

But at Gili Meno, even boats of the same design often have slightly different hull shapes, outrigger arm construction and building materials. Boat sizes vary from cute little one-man fishing outriggers to large sampahs used as ferries between islands, which can easily hold 50 people or more. Then, of course, Meno’s boats also sport a wonderful rainbow of vibrant colors.

If you’re intrigued by boats like I am, check out my photo collection of Gili Meno’s lovely boats.


And here are more photos of Gili Meno’s charms-  Photo Gallery: Gili Meno Island


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