NEWS: My Second Article is Featured on A Luxury Travel Blog!


My Second Article is Featured on A Luxury Travel Blog !

I’m thrilled to announce that A Luxury Travel Blog has recently published my second article, entitled 5 Unique Luxury Resorts on Langkawi Island – Malaysia. Along with my article, five of my own photos were included, three of them used as feature photos for the luxury resorts I’ve recommended.

In case you’re not familiar with A Luxury Travel Blog, it’s rated as #4 of the world’s Top 100 Travel Blogs on NomadicSamuel’s famous travel blog list. Let me repeat that – #4 top travel blog!

A Luxury Travel Blog is also one of the most popular, highly-read travel blogs in the world. With a staggering 400,000+ unique readers per month, the website offers each published article massive exposure.

For instance, my article on Langkawi resorts was published on Feb. 20th, . In less than one week it had been read nearly 2500 times and tweeted 110 times. To date on March 1st, it’s been read over 3800 times and tweeted 185 times.

That is comparable to the exposure I receive on my absolute most popular posts published here on LashWorldTour.

My first article on Luxury Travel Blog was published in November, 2014. Five Unique Luxury Hotels in Singapore has since been read by over 16,700 visitors and tweeted 665 times. The article continues attracting new readers, even three months after publication.

I’m excited to find that my love of luxury hotels, resorts, spas and destinations and my inquisitive nature have finally started serving me well. I’ve visited so many luxury properties during my 17 years of roaming around SE Asia that I have a full arsenal of first-hand experiences and knowledge that I can draw upon to continue writing articles for A Luxury Travel Blog.

cheers from Bali!

This is just the beginning for me as I plan to contribute regularly to A Luxury Travel Blog. My next luxury destinations and topics include Bali, Indonesia; Penang, Malaysia; Scuba Diving; and Best Museums in SE Asia.

Prior to becoming a contributing writer for A Luxury Travel Blog last year, I’d already reviewed many luxury boutique hotels, spas, restaurants, tours, and even a cooking class, right here on LashWorldTour.

If you’re looking for ideas on luxury travel in SE Asia, check out my reviews here. You might just find the destination, resort or tour of your dreams.

Meanwhile, please check out my latest article showcasing Unique Luxury Resorts on Langkawi Island. They really are amazing, one-of-a-kind properties and include some of my very favorite luxury resorts in SE Asia.




  1. Paul (@luxury__travel)

    Thank you for contributing, Lash! It’s a pleasure to have you on board at ALTB. They are both great articles that I’m sure will continue to get traffic… may they be the first of many! :)

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by here. :))

      I’m glad you’re pleased with my article. I certainly had fun putting them together and telling everyone about some of my favorite luxury hotels & resorts around SE Asia. Thanks so much for having me onboard as a contributing writing. I’m very pleased about that.

      Next article coming soon.

      cheers, Lash

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