PHOTO GALLERY: Photos of Tulum Beach – Mexico

Tulum Beach - Mexico

north end of Tulum Beach – Mexico

PHOTO GALLERY: Photos of Tulum Beach – Mexico

See photos of Tulum Beach here

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula resembles a thick thumb jutting northeastward into the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Its long Caribbean Coast is world renowned for its extensive powdery white sand beaches, phenomenally colored aquamarine sea and massive resort towns.

Situated at the northern tip, Cancun is the biggest mega-vacation-land, featuring tall skyscraper-like hotels and resorts lining the miles-long beach. Only 50 km/30 miles south lies Playa del Carmen and the island of Cozumel, just off shore. Both are merely smaller versions of Cancun madness.

But Tulum, just 100 km south of Cancun, has quite a different face. The long 10 km beach appears to be backed solely by dense vegetation and palm trees.

Unique hotel architecture at Tulum Beach

Unique hotel architecture at Tulum Beach

Tucked into that leafy forest are dozens of small boutique hotels with distinctive architecture and interiors. Most are constructed almost entirely of natural materials: wood, thatch and stone.

Decorated with natural-material accents and art, Tulum’s rather posh but relaxed hotels blend into nature and create a wonderfully bohemian atmosphere along the entire coastal stretch. Many offer yoga classes, massages, spas and other holistic health treatments.

Tulum Mayan ruins are perched on a clifftop at Tulum’s far northern end, overlooking the stunning turquoise waters. A stretch of the great Meso-American Barrier Reef lies about 200 meters offshore, while Tulum National Park preserves tree-covered dunes and scrubby forest on land for several km.

I was blessed to stay at Tulum for two weeks recently, half that time camping in the shady dunes of Tulum National Park. I spent my days strolling the beach, swimming in crystal-clear teal water, dancing to bands and djs, relaxing at  open-air sand-floored restaurants – completely immersed in glorious nature.

In this photo gallery I present 18 photos of Tulum’s gorgeous beach and wonderfully chic-bohemian hotels. I hope they illustrate even a hint of the tropical paradise that is Tulum, Mexico.

See photos of Tulum Beach here

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