PHOTO GALLERY: Stunning Yucatan Peninsula– Mexico

Lake Bacalar - Yucatan - Mexico

Lake Bacalar – Yucatan – Mexico


Stunning Yucatan Peninsula– Mexico

(see photos of Yucatan Peninsula here)

Before arriving in Yucatan for the 1st time earlier this year, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like it or not. Vague rumblings of Mexico being somewhat dangerous and rather expensive echoed through my head. And growing up in the USA, I’d never acquired any notion that Mexico must be amazing or marvelous.

On the other hand, I had recently read through the Yucatan section of a Mexican guidebook and discovered that the peninsula was surprisingly diverse, full of wonderful natural habitats, Mayan culture and renovated historic Spanish towns full of pastel buildings, cobble stone streets and grand cathedrals.

Armed with that knowledge, I proceeded across the border from Belize in late January, 2016. Almost immediately, to my great delight, Yucatan proved to be simply amazing. Well above and beyond what I’d hoped for, even after reading the guidebook.

Cathedral de San Gervasio in Valladolid

photos of Yucatan – Cathedral de San Gervasio in Valladolid

During my extended explorations of the peninsula, I swam, suntanned and strolled at stunning powdery-white sand beaches lining aquamarine waters at Mahahual and Tulum. I visited Lake Bacalar, whose water colors have to be seen to be believed.

I cycled to several incredible cenotes (water-filled sink holes and caves) and managed to get into one icy water in central Yucatan. I witnessed naturally pink water and watched pink flamingoes at Rio Lagartos, on Yucatan’s northern Gulf of Mexico coast.

I admired gorgeous colonial Spanish architecture at Valladolid, Merida and Campeche. I enjoyed a variety of traditional music & dance performances in those cities as well.

I saw three impressive night-time light/video shows projected on historic buildings, a stone monastery and a famous Mayan pyramid. I explored several other Mayan ruins scattered around the peninsula as well.

I loved Yucatan so much that it took me nearly three months to explore it. Even then I wasn’t ready to leave when my scheduled flight to Puerto Rico forced me away.

In the end, I can say that Yucatan is easily one of the most magical places I’ve visited on Earth thus far. I will definitely have to return for further explorations.

Meanwhile, please enjoy these 50 images of the stunning nature and culture of wonderful Yucatan, Mexico.

See photos of Yucatan Peninsula here


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