10 Best Photo Galleries in 2016 on LashWorldTour

Lake Atitlan sunset - Guatemala

Lake Atitlan sunset – Guatemala

10 Best Photo Galleries in 2016 on LashWorldTour

It’s that time of year again when I take stock of the year and round up my very best photo galleries, travel tips, travel perspectives and stories from my ongoing world travels.

In 2016, much to my surprise, I ended up spending most of the year in just one country – Mexico! Nine months in total, to be exact. I did kick off the year in Belize, where I traveled for most of January. I also explored Puerto Rico for the first time on a 2-week visit to friends there in April. And I spent two 1-month stints in Florida twice in 2016, in May to organize a surprise 80th birthday party for my mom and in December for Christmas holidays.

I’m not really complaining about spending so much time in just one country – I do truly love Mexico and could easily spend even more time exploring the rest of that vast, diverse, intriguing country. In fact, I just might do that! In 9 months of slow, intensive travels I saw only about 1/3 of the country. Clearly more explorations are in order.

In any event, most of the articles and photo galleries I published in 2016 feature Mexico. I also made a few photo galleries of beautiful Puerto Rico, Belize and Guatemala (which I had just explored in late 2015).

Without further ado, here are my best photo galleries of 2016, in no particular order. I hope they help inspire you to get out and visit this gorgeous region of the world.



1. Highlights of Guatemala

2. Caye Caulker – Belize

3. Puerto Rico’s Stunning North Coast

4. Old San Juan – Puerto Rico

5. Stunning Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico

6. Rio Lagartos – Mexico

7. Historic Campeche City – Mexico

8. Colonial Valladolid – Mexico

9. The Baroque City of Puebla – Mexico

10. Beautiful Oaxaca City – Mexico

If you’re interested in this region of the world, you can read all my travel tips, stories and perspectives about Mexico here – about Belize here – about Guatemala here and about Puerto Rico here. I’ll soon be publishing round-ups of my best 2016 travel tips and 2016 travel stories & perspectives, so stay tuned in early January for those highlights of my year in travels.

Thanks so much for following my adventures. It’s great to have you around! I hope my articles and photos help inspire you to get out here and travel the world!

Cheers, Lash


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