Best Travel Tips of 2016 on LashWorldTour

... at Playa del Carmen pier

… at Playa del Carmen pier

Best Travel Tips of 2016 on LashWorldTour


In 2016 I spent the entire year traveling, as per usual. I didn’t travel very far, in terms of number of countries or huge global distances. In fact, I only visited four countries – Belize, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US – but I explored them slowly and in depth, as per my usual travel style. I certainly discover many fun adventures that way!

During the year I did spend two 1-month stints visiting family in Florida, and I lived in Tulum, Mexico for 3 ½ months. But I consider it all global travels, even when temporarily staying in one place for a while. For example, basing myself in Tulum gave me the chance to make shorts trips to interesting nearby places I would otherwise have missed, including Cozumel Island, Isla Mujeres, Cancun and several little-known cenotes, beaches and lagunas near Tulum. So even when ‘grounded’ I keep on exploring the world around me.

Lash at giant tree - Tikal - Guatemala Because of my continuous travels, a more intense focus on photography and new freelance work that I started, I didn’t write as many travel tips articles in 2016 as in previous years. However, those I did write should be quite helpful to any travelers heading to this region of the world.

Not surprisingly, most of my 2016 tips were about Mexico and Belize, where I spent the most time. I also wrote tips about Guatemala, having just explored that lovely country for two months in late 2015 before arriving in Belize.

In addition, I wrote one completely random article about Bali, Indonesia, an island that I’ve spent many years exploring, living at, teaching scuba diving and writing about. I’ve even written two books on Bali!

In any event, looking back on my articles from 2016, I selected the following as my best travel tips of the year. I hope they will inspire and assist you in exploring wonderful Mexico, Belize, Puerto Rico and Guatemala, or perhaps far-flung Bali, Indonesia.

1. Cost of Budget Travel in Mexico 2016

2. Cost of Budget Travel in Guatemala 2015

3. Cost of Budget Travel in Belize 2016

4. 24 Tips to Keep Costs Low in Belize

5. My Recommended Accommodations in Belize

6. 10 Best Things to do in Valladolid, Mexico

7. How to Connect with Locals in Bali, Indonesia


Happy Travels in 2017!

Feel free to contact me with any questions about these countries, if you didn’t find the answers in my articles. I’ll do my best to help you out.

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