Discover the beauty of the Iberian Peninsula from its rivers

Discover the beauty of the Iberian Peninsula from its rivers

Portugal and Spain share several rivers, including the Douro and the Guadiana, which makes the Iberian Peninsula perfect for river cruising. Discover the best of Portugal and Spain’s cities as well as secluded spots to relax in. On a river cruise, you can discover a whole host of new places all while making new friends and enjoying the sunshine, so what are you waiting for? 

Douro River - Spain - photo by Marco Varisco under CC license

Douro River – Spain – photo by Marco Varisco under CC license

Cruise along the Douro river

Choose a Douro river cruise with Saga Travel and you’ll get to experience the Douro valley in all its glory. With visits to Regua’s beautiful Mateus Palace gardens and Salamanca’s well-preserved old town, you’ll be spoilt for choose when deciding which city was your favourite of the trip!

Begin your travels in Portugal with a visit to the tiny hillside medieval village of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. The village is in the heart of the wider Beiras wine region, located on the south of the Douro river, so be sure to sample a glass or two during your visit! The hilltop location also provides the perfect photo opportunity with views of Spain to the east and the deep valley of the Douro river to the north.

Faro - Portugal - photo by mat's eye under CC license

Faro – Portugal – photo by mat’s eye under CC license

Visit the capital of The Algarve

Immerse yourself in Portugal’s history in Faro, the capital of The Algarve. Faro is just a short trip from the Guadiana river which runs through Portugal and Spain and the city was once an important Roman trading port. Faro has retained its port atmosphere and, unsurprisingly, one of the best things to do here is eat freshly caught fish at a local restaurant!

Once you have a full stomach, make your way to Faro Cathedral. First built in the 13th century, the cathedral building has since had many updates. You’ll get the best views across Faro and the sea from the cathedral’s bell tower and you may even spot a stork nesting in the tower’s archway!

Another of Faro’s intriguing buildings is the bone chapel. As the name suggests, the chapel is almost entirely built out of human bones! Skulls decorate the walls and a golden skeleton hangs at the front of the chapel. Visit if you dare!

Seville - Spain - photo by Jorge Franganillo under CC license

Seville – Spain – photo by Jorge Franganillo under CC license

Explore Spain on the Guadalquivir river

To savour a little more of Spain, take a river cruise along the Spanish Guadalquivir river. First up is the enticing city of culture, Seville. In Seville, you can take advantage of the bustling theatre scene and admire the city’s grand buildings which have been shaped by a unique blend of Moorish, Renaissance and English influences.

Sail on to Cádiz where you’ll find a charming coastal city with plenty of flamenco flavour. Treat yourself to dinner and a show and you’ll be blown away by the talent of the flamenco dancers. When in Spain, a trip to the beach is a must. Sun yourself on Playa de la Victoria for the day before making the most of the area’s surrounding restaurants and bars.

A river cruise is the ideal way to see more of the world and discover places you’ve never even heard of! Start getting excited about the travel opportunities that await you by taking a look at my post about river cruises in Europe.


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