How to Sample Life in a Beverly Hills or Hollywood Mansion

LosAngeles_DeckerVilla_01How to Sample Life in a Beverly Hills or Hollywood Mansion

Everyone has seen the palatial, glamorous homes of Hollywood’s wealthy elite, famous movie stars and other rich hip jet-setters. Many of those jaw-dropping estates have been featured in movies, gossip magazines, TVs shows about the rich & famous and other media.

And I’ll bet when you’ve seen those incredible mansions that you’ve wondered, at least once, what it must be like living such a life, in such amazingly beautiful homes. Right?

Maybe you’ve pictured yourself lounging at one of those spacious swimming pools, surrounded by flowering bushes and rolling California hills…

losangeles_courtneyresort_- pool n living roomOr perhaps you’ve imagined waking up in one of those huge king-size beds in a massive bedroom, surrounded by designer furniture, with floor to ceiling panoramic views over Hollywood spread out below you…

Or maybe you’ve vicariously felt a cooling sea breeze and smelled the piquant salt air while reclining on one of those beautiful wooden terraces over-looking Malibu Beach?

If you’ve ever had just visions or dreams, I’ve got fantastic news for you: You can!

Believe it or not, many Los Angeles vacation rentals include those same gorgeous homes in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu Beach, Venice Beach, Bel Air and other glamorous regions of greater LA. I’m talking about the same stunning villas, mansions and private homes that have been featured on TV, in movies and in magazines.

California_RedondoBeachLuxuryIf you’ve ever truly wondered what that sort of luxurious life would be like, seriously, you can try it out. Here’s your chance!

Now, I’ll bet your first thought is that it must cost an arm and a leg to rent one of those homes. And you’d be right in that it’s certainly not cheap.

But I’ll bet I can show you that it’s not nearly as expensive and out-of-reach as you might be guessing. I’m going to give you a few insider perspectives and ideas you might not have thought of before to show you that staying a week in a Beverly Hills estate is a realistic, affordable vacation option.

I’ll bet that before we’re done here, you’ll happily realize that yes, you can actually go sample life in a luxurious Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Malibu mansion. So consider these perspectives and insights:

California-LAVilla--BHills living roomWhen most people go on vacation, they choose some sort of luxury trip – a cruise, a five-star resort at a famous beach, an upscale hotel in an expensive world-class city. Sound like you’re typical kind of vacation too? Then you’re in the running for renting out a glamorous LA home.

So to start with, let’s say you’re considering a luxury vacation in LA. There are certainly many luxury hotel options all over the greater LA region.

In Beverly Hills, a room in most 5-star hotels average $600-900 per night. In high seasons those rates go up to around $1000-2000 per night. The minimum rate you can find for a 5-star hotel in Beverly Hills is $400-500 per night.

In Hollywood, 4-star hotels average $300-450 per night. In Malibu, $400-600 per night for 4-star hotels. And in the Beach City region south of LA, $450-1100 per night.

Rates for various hotel suites and during high season are considerably higher.

losangeles_courtneyresort_bedroomDon’t forget that all these prices are merely for a room in a hotel, for two guests. Certainly a gorgeous, luxurious room, but still just a single room or suite.

These are the rates you’re looking at to enjoy a luxury vacation in LA.

So now I ask you: if you’re going to spend that much money on a hotel room, why not stay in an entire luxurious Hollywood mansion, Beverly Hills villa or Malibu Beach house instead?

Those glamorous villas, mansions, estates I’ve been talking about rent out for $800 on up to $6000 US per night. The majority go for an average of $1200-3000 per night. Several rent for just $775-900 per night. And a few absolutely massive estates cost $10,000-20,000 per night.

losangeles_courtneyresort_kitchenLet’s forget about those ultra-expensive palaces for the moment and focus on the ‘typical’ glamorous Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu Beach properties that present the most reasonable vacation options for most people.

As you can see, the lower-priced homes cost basically the same as the average Beverly Hills 5-star hotel room. And a majority of those glamorous estates cost the same as Beverly Hills hotels’ high season rates.

Yes, these gorgeous, luxurious estates are actually in the same price range as an LA luxury hotel room! And let me point out again that these mansion prices are for an entire home, containing anywhere from 2-5 bedrooms. And not just any home but a luxurious mansion in LA, quite likely one that’s famous, that’s been featured in movies, magazines and on TV shows.

Now let’s look at a few sample properties to see what you can get…

Spanish Retreat infoThis Spanish Retreat situated within 5-minute’s walking distance of Redondo Beach rents out for $875 per night. The same rate for a 5-star hotel room in the area. It has 2 bedrooms and sleeps 4 guests.

Courtney Retreat infoUltra-modern Courtney Retreat in Hollywood rents out for $1200 per night, the same rates for 5-star hotel rooms in LA. It sleeps 6 people in 3 large, modern bedrooms.

LA Villa infoGlamorous LA Villa in Beverly Hills costs $1375 per night, also in the same price range of 5-star hotel rooms in LA. It has 4 bedrooms, sleeping 8 guests.

Decker Villa infoDecker Villa in Malibu rents out for $1875 per night. It’s getting more costly, but it sleeps a maximum of 12 guests in 4 bedrooms plus ‘guest’ rooms.

Redondo Beach Villa infoSuper upscale Redondo Beach Luxury Retreat costs $3800 per night. It has a whopping 7 bedrooms and a guest room, sleeping a total of 16 people.

Fullscreen capture 3292017 94758 PM.bmpOf course all these incredible villas and mansions have lots of other perks and attractions too. In addition to the gorgeous living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, you’ll also have jacuzzis, outdoor grill areas, spacious lawns or gardens, fireplaces, home theaters or massive LCD TVs.

Take a look at this list of features from the Spanish Retreat in Redondo (one of the lower-priced mansions!).

So where would you rather stay for roughly the same price? In a hotel room? Or in one of these amazing private villas, estates and mansions?

Convinced yet?

But wait, it can get even better… These mansions can actually end up being even less expensive than staying in a hotel room!

Hotel room prices are quoted for two adults. But as you’ve seen from the samples, these homes have anywhere from 2-7 bedrooms, sleeping anywhere from 4 to 16 guests.

So now let’s do some quick math:

Let’s say you can include/invite some family, relatives or friends on along your glamorous LA vacation. For instance, let’s say you have four adults. In that case, an $800 per night home for four would cost $200 per person, per night. Now we’re talking about lower rates per person than a mere hotel room costs in LA!

If you’ve got six people, you could go for a $1200/night estate for just $200 per person per night. If you’ve got eight people, you could splash for a $1600/night glamour villa.

losangeles_courtneyresort_bedroom 2But…maybe you would normally prefer to go on vacation with just your spouse? Fair enough. In that case, you could go for one of several lower priced villas, which cost the same as an LA hotel room.

Or perhaps just for one vacation, for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sample life like a famous movie star, living in a glamorous Beverly Hills mansion or a designer Malibu home on the beach, wouldn’t it be fun and worthwhile to co-ordinate your vacation with another couple, some friends or relatives? Food for thought!

LosAngeles_DeckerVilla - poolIf that doesn’t strike your fancy or you still can’t quite afford to live like a movie star as one of your regular annual vacations, how about renting out one of these gorgeous estates for a once in a lifetime special family event? Perhaps a wedding? A honeymoon? A family reunion? A special anniversary? An important graduation? Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Or maybe for a business function: a corporate event, retreat, Christmas gathering?

One of the larger estates like Redondo Beach Luxury Retreat above, which sleeps 16 in 7 bedrooms and a guest room, would be a great idea. Several huge estates like this are available.

Surely, one way or the other, if for just one time in your life, you could actually, realistically afford to sample life in one of those glamorous Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Malibu estates. Go enjoy a luxurious vacation in LA while checking out Paramount Studios, Disneyland, Rodeo Drive, LA beaches and other exciting places.

Or plan ahead for a big family or corporate event.

One way or the other, go ahead, sample life as a famous Hollywood movie star!

(all photos are of vacation rental homes at Luxury Retreats)


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