Paradise at Punta Mita Cape– Mexico

wild beaches at PUnta Mita - MExicoParadise at Punta Mita Cape– Mexico

Punta Mita is a small, forested triangular cape jutting into the Pacific Ocean about one hour north of Mexico’s famous Puerto Vallarta resort region. The cape is lined by long, empty golden sand beaches interrupted by low rocky cliffs and headlands. Much less developed than Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita is still packed with dense vegetation backed by a forested mountain range.

Historically, Punta Mita has been most well-known by surfers, especially those seeking easier waves and safer ocean conditions. It’s ideal for beginning to intermediate surfers. And a handful of surfing schools & shops teach lessons and rent out boards.

The cape was originally occupied solely by tiny Punta de Mita fishing village, until the entire tip of land was purchased by a large development company about 20 years ago. They promptly fenced off the entire region and built a single entry road, fronted by a security gate with 24/7 guards on duty. Amazingly, the company bought the entire cape!

visiting a Boutique Hotel at Punta Mita

visiting a Boutique Hotel at Punta Mita

Since then a smattering of very high-end developments have been built on the vast property. They include 2 Jack Nicklaus-designed signature golf courses, Four Seasons and St. Regis resorts, a few private homes, and a smattering of service facilities such as a medical clinic and tennis courts. It’s all enveloped in immaculately landscaped gardens.

The only people admitted to the massive property are guests with reservations or confirmed appointments, employees and service providers.

Meanwhile, the tiny fishing village has been transformed into a slightly larger village of small, boxy concrete houses and dusty roads which are inhabited to a large extent by employees of the various luxury facilities out on the cape.

sunrise over the mountains at Punta Mita

sunrise over the mountains at Punta Mita

Also to meet the demands of the luxury trade, one rather glamorous street filled with upscale boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and real estate agents has been developed just outside the property entrance.

And along the town’s narrow beach, a few high end restaurants have opened, providing resort guests with off-property eating options along the sea. Finally, several 4 and 5-story condo buildings have been put up along the town’s beach.

Other than that, life goes on in Punta Mita pretty much as it always did, perhaps with much fewer fishermen. The town is still a quiet village with a smattering of small family-run shops and restaurants, shady with trees and filled with bird song.

rocky headland at Punta MitaBeyond the town, running back along the coast towards Puerto Vallarta there’s still a series of beautiful, nearly empty golden beaches separated by rocky outcroppings and low cliffs. These are not within the private property at the tip of the cape, so can be accessed by the public.

Most of them are now backed by discreet, luxurious private homes and low-key resorts, all with immaculate lawns and gardens that blend into nature. A popular surfing area is found at one beach, La Lancha, accessed only by a dirt path from the main road.

To the north of the private cape property, another series of long, empty beaches stretch towards Sayulita town, some 20 km north. Those beaches also have a small number of low-key, high-end resorts and private homes that more or less blend into the natural scenery. The gorgeous beaches still retain a wild, empty undeveloped ambiance.

beach stairs leading to a private home on a Punta Mita beach

beach stairs leading to a private home on a Punta Mita beach

Aside from the exclusive luxury resorts, there aren’t many places to stay anywhere at Punta Mita, though a few tiny hotels are situated in Punta de Mita village. But most visitors make day trips from the nearby towns of Sayulita, Bucerias or slightly further Puerto Vallarta. However, not many people besides surfers have any reason to visit.

That all helps keep Punta Mita the quiet, leafy undeveloped nature zone is still is today.

When I visited, I liked it so much that I ended up staying more than two weeks. Even then I was reluctant to leave.

my rooftop view at Punta Mita

my rooftop view at Punta Mita

Every morning I did yoga and meditation on the rooftop terrace of my lodging. After breakfast on the terrace, I’d walk the wild beaches south of town for an hour then lay in the sun 1-2 hours, slowly deepening my tan.

In afternoons, when the sun was much too intense and hot, I’d escape to the rooftop terrace again to work, read and enjoy the amazing 360 degree views of inland mountains and forests, the vast Pacific Ocean and the coastline of the cape.

Ah, practically a nature retreat!

Punta Mita turned out to be one of my favorite places in Mexico after more than one full year of travels in this diverse country. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves being immersed in nature.

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