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Lash is an expat American, long-term solo world traveler. She shares her travel tips, narrative travel tales, cultural insights, and photo galleries on her travel blog, LashWorldTour. Lash has written/published two guidebooks to Bali, Indonesia: Hiking in Bali and Cycling Bali. Her travel writing has been published in print magazines and on various travel blogs and travel-related websites. She loves nature, outdoor adventures, fitness, health, hiking, cycling, scuba diving, dancing, travel, arts, culture, architecture, museums, boutique hotels.

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Introduction to Nicaragua

Introduction to Nicaragua Nicaragua is one of seven Central American countries. It’s a wedge-shaped country situated right smack in the middle of the long, narrow Central American isthmus. With the wide side of its triangle on the north and tapering southward, Nicaragua has extensive coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea in the east and the …

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 Have you ever thought about living overseas, particularly outside the USA? Are you interested in living abroad, but not sure how you’d actually like it or which country to live in? Would you like to ‘test out’ living in a particular country to see what it’s like? Or  perhaps you’d just like to vacation in …

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My Whopping 5-Day Travels in Honduras

My Whopping 5-Day Travels in Honduras It looks like Honduras will go down in my travel life history as one of my quickest country visits and my least favorite country in Central America. I lasted a whopping five days there. In truth, I even wanted to leave one day earlier, making it a whopping four-day …

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Pupusas – El Salvador’s National Food

Pupusas – El Salvador’s National Food I had read and heard about pupusas from other travelers long before I ever entered El Salvador. Everyone seemed to be ranting and raving about them. Described as corn tortillas stuffed with cheese or vegetables or sausage or combinations of ingredients, they certainly sounded like they might be delicious. …

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Lake Coatepeque – El Salvador

Lake Coatepeque – El Salvador Lago Coatepeque is a gorgeous crater lake located just 16 km / 10 miles south of Santa Ana city in western El Salvador. The lake measures 6 km / 4 miles in circumference and is completely surrounded by densely-forested sloping crater walls topped by a hilly crater rim. The most …

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Climbing Santa Ana Volcano – El Salvador

Climbing Santa Ana Volcano – El Salvador Volcan Santa Ana is El Salvador’s highest volcano, with an elevation of 2381 M / 7857 ft. at the highest point of its crater rim. The rugged volcano is located in Cerro Verde National Park in western El Salvador, a one hour’s drive or a two-hour bus trip …

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The 7 Waterfalls Tour – Ruta de Flores – El Salvador

The 7 Waterfalls Tour – Ruta de Flores – El Salvador The Ruta de Flores in western El Salvador consists of a collection of small mountain towns with art galleries, colorful murals, a smattering of colonial architecture and heaps of great outdoor places to visit like waterfalls, hot springs, small lakes and hikes in forested …

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Ruta de Flores – El Salvador

Ruta de Flores – El Salvador The Ruta de Flores (Route of Flowers) in western El Salvador, close to the border of Guatemala, is one of the country’s most famous and popular destinations. It consists of a series of outdoor attractions and small mountain towns along 36 km / 20 miles of windy, twisting mountain …

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Introduction to El Salvador

Introduction to El Salvador Well, I’m here in El Salvador for the first time in my life! Ta da! To be exact, I’m in the cute mountain town of Juayua (pronounced ‘why you ah’ because of the Spanish pronunciations of ‘j’ and ‘y’) in western El Salvador. The town is clean, friendly, orderly, cool and…safe, …

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Preparing to Travel in El Salvador

Preparing to Travel in El Salvador This Friday, August 25th, I’m going to El Salvador! For the first time in my life. From my current location in Antigua, Guatemala, it’s just a 3-4 hour shuttle van across the border and on to Santa Ana city in western El Salvador. The van will even take me …

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