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Lash is an expat American, long-term solo world traveler. She shares her travel tips, narrative travel tales, cultural insights, and photo galleries on her travel blog, LashWorldTour. Lash has written/published two guidebooks to Bali, Indonesia: Hiking in Bali and Cycling Bali. Her travel writing has been published in print magazines and on various travel blogs and travel-related websites. She loves nature, outdoor adventures, fitness, health, hiking, cycling, scuba diving, dancing, travel, arts, culture, architecture, museums, boutique hotels.

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10 Things I Dislike About Central America

10 Things I Dislike About Central America Before I get into the negative aspects of Central America (from my perspective), I want to clarify up front that I do actually quite like this region of the world over all. I’ve been traveling in Latin America for two years now and I’ve greatly enjoyed every country …

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10 Things Distinctly Nicaraguan

10 Things Distinctly Nicaraguan All the countries of Central America and Mexico (except Belize) share many things in common, much of that due to their long histories as colonies of Spain. The Spanish left huge marks on these lands, including the typical Spanish-style colonial towns and cities, the Spanish language, genes, cuisines and customs. These …

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Beautiful Ometepe Island – Nicaragua

Conception Volcano - Ometepe Island

Beautiful Ometepe Island – Nicaragua Ometepe is a small, unique volcanic island set in huge Lake Nicaragua (also known as Lake Cocibolca). Ometepe actually boasts two volcanoes! The island is shaped like the letter 8 or a barbell, with one volcano set smack-dab in the center of each circular area. Conception Volcano is the most …

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Guatemala vs. Mexico

  Guatemala vs. Mexico (and, no, I don’t mean any sports events! lol) After traveling through Guatemala twice and spending more than one year exploring Mexico, I couldn’t help but compare the two countries and contemplate how they stack up against one another. I was especially interested to check my impressions of Guatemala the second …

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All About Santa Ana – El Salvador

Santa Ana – El Salvador Santa Ana is the largest city in western El Salvador. It boasts a small collection of grand colonial buildings, including a gorgeous stately theater and an ornate white neo-Gothic Cathedral, which are set around a leafy central plaza. Several streets full of modest colonial buildings fan out from the plaza …

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All About Granada – Nicaragua

All About Granada – Nicaragua Granada is one of Nicaragua’s two famous & gorgeous colonial towns, the other being Leon. Of the two,Granada is the fancier and grander. It’s streets are clean for the most part, in contrast to Leon’s trash-littered roads. Nearly all of Granada’s thousands of colonial buildings have been renovated, in contrast …

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All About Leon – Nicaragua

All About Leon – Nicaragua Leon is one of Nicaragua’s two famous & gorgeous colonial towns, the other being Granada. Leon is situated in the northwest of Nicaragua, just 20 km from the Pacific coast and 100 km / 1.5 hours northwest of the capital city, Managua. Leon was my very first destination in Nicaragua. …

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Introduction to Nicaragua

Introduction to Nicaragua Nicaragua is one of seven Central American countries. It’s a wedge-shaped country situated right smack in the middle of the long, narrow Central American isthmus. With the wide side of its triangle on the north and tapering southward, Nicaragua has extensive coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea in the east and the …

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 Have you ever thought about living overseas, particularly outside the USA? Are you interested in living abroad, but not sure how you’d actually like it or which country to live in? Would you like to ‘test out’ living in a particular country to see what it’s like? Or  perhaps you’d just like to vacation in …

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My Whopping 5-Day Travels in Honduras

My Whopping 5-Day Travels in Honduras It looks like Honduras will go down in my travel life history as one of my quickest country visits and my least favorite country in Central America. I lasted a whopping five days there. In truth, I even wanted to leave one day earlier, making it a whopping four-day …

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