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Lash is an expat American, long-term solo world traveler. She shares her travel tips, narrative travel tales, cultural insights, and photo galleries on her travel blog, LashWorldTour. Lash has written/published two guidebooks to Bali, Indonesia: Hiking in Bali and Cycling Bali. Her travel writing has been published in print magazines and on various travel blogs and travel-related websites. She loves nature, outdoor adventures, fitness, health, hiking, cycling, scuba diving, dancing, travel, arts, culture, architecture, museums, boutique hotels.

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All About Guadalajara – Mexico

All About Guadalajara – Mexico It’s only fair to start this article by confessing that Guadalara turned out to be not my favorite city in Mexico. In fact, it’s pretty close to the bottom of my list! Despite that, I did manage to have a great time during my 10-day stay, in great part due …

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The Amazing Mummies of Guanajuato – Mexico

The Amazing Mummies of Guanajuato – Mexico Guanajuato’s Museo de las Momias (Mummies Museum) is famed all over Mexico. People flock there daily in busloads and tour vans to glimpse the eerie human corpses on display. Of course the museum was on my list of things to do in Guanajuato when I visited the hilly …

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The Coolest Little Town in the World: Guanajuato – Mexico

The Coolest Little Town in the World – Guanajuato, Mexico In all my 20 years of roaming the planet, I think Guanajuato, Mexico might be the coolest town I’ve ever discovered. Certainly a few towns in the Indian Himalayas, like Dharamsala, Rishikesh and Rewalsar are in the running as super cool towns. And then a …

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How to Sample Life in a Beverly Hills or Hollywood Mansion

How to Sample Life in a Beverly Hills or Hollywood Mansion Everyone has seen the palatial, glamorous homes of Hollywood’s wealthy elite, famous movie stars and other rich hip jet-setters. Many of those jaw-dropping estates have been featured in movies, gossip magazines, TVs shows about the rich & famous and other media. And I’ll bet …

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All About San Miguel de Allende – Mexico

All About San Miguel de Allende – Mexico San Miguel de Allende is a small historic, art-devoted town in central Mexico, located about three hours west of Mexico City. Quaint, narrow cobble-stone streets lined by centuries-old golden and terracotta colored buildings climb up and down low hills, leading to leafy plazas, beautiful old churches and …

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All About Gueretaro – Mexico

All About Gueretaro – Mexico Gueretaro is a large historic city located about three hours northwest of Mexico City. Although its metropolitan area is a sprawling, modern industrial mess, the compact central historic district offers many wonderful attractions, including several intriguing features unique to Gueretaro. With blocks and blocks of stone-paved roads lined by gorgeous …

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10-100 Free Things to do in Mexico City

10-100 Free Things to do in Mexico City Mexico City is currently the 12th most populous city in the world (as of the Demographia World Atlas  2016 stats) with over 20 million inhabitants. Established by the Spanish in the early 1500s, it’s a city offering an astounding variety of art, culture, history, architecture, performances, entertainment …

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Introduction to Mexico City

Introduction to Mexico City Walking around central Mexico City feels very much like wandering around an old old European city. Everywhere you stroll past massive stone buildings with graceful architectural detailing, large open plazas, worn stone streets and large leafy parks. In fact, essentially Mexico City is an old European city. The Spanish established it …

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January 2017 Travels in Review

January 2017 Travels in Review This monthly review will be short and sweet – simply put, January was a complete non-travel month for me! In fact, I was almost entirely housebound the whole month. That was the result of two main factors. First off, I was sick with bronchitis the first two weeks of January. …

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9 Surprising Facts about Mexico City

9 Surprising Facts about Mexico City On Sunday, February 19th I will fly into Mexico City and begin another full year of world travels. I’ll explore Mexico City for 1-2 weeks then head on to other fascinating towns in central Mexico and the beautiful, rough beaches of the country’s extensive Pacific Coast. Eventually I’ll reach …

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