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Published books:


*  Hiking in Bali- 20 Hikes in Amed: Bali’s Remote Northeast Coast
*  Cycling Bali: Guidebook to Circumnavigating Bali by Bicycle


 -print versions of both books available on
 – ePub and pdf versions available at LashWorldTour Book Store


*  100 Free Things to do in Asia  (eBook, available on LashWorldTour)

 Articles in print magazines:

Happy Jolly Cocktails” Bali & Beyond Magazine, Sept 2012

“On  Rural Routes”  Bali & Beyond Magazine, May 2012

“Lawn Bowling” Northeast Journal, St Petersburg, Fl, 2012 Quarter 1 issue

Guest posts:

5 Unique Luxury Resorts on Langkawi Island, Malaysia (A Luxury Travel Blog – Feb, 2015)

5 Unique Luxury Hotels in Singapore   (A Luxury Travel Blog – Nov, 2014)

Death Metal Romance in the Mountains of Java, Indonesia  (Hopscotch The Globe – Oct, 2014)

Bali, Indonesia: An Outdoor Adventure Tropical Paradise  (Heather on her Travels – Jan, 2014)

Solo Ascent of Volcanic Mt. Semeru – Java, Indonesia  (HikeBikeTravel – Sept, 2013)

The 5 Best Little-Known Places in Bali‘  (GoBackpacking – August, 2012)

‘5 Authentic Indonesian Foods You Won’t Find in Tourist Restaurants’  (Art of Backpacking – August, 2012)

‘Wagashi: Japan’s Charming Little Works-of-Art Cakes’  (C and C Food Travel – June, 2012)

‘ Jacuzzi in the Jungle’ (Velvet Escape Dec, 2011)

Collaborative Guest Posts:

Best Hikes of 2014 by Travel Bloggers   (HikeBikeTravel – Jan, 2015)

Travel Bloggers’ Favorite Places in Bali   (CheapFlights – Jan, 2015)

Is Vietnam as Bad as Nomadic Matt Says?  (Adventurous Kate – Dec, 2012)

’14 Travel Bloggers and their 33 Favorite Places to Stay’   (HikeBikeTravel – May, 2011)

‘ Jacuzzi in the Jungle’   (Velvet Escape Dec, 2011)


Work Abroad Because it Will Open Your Mind (Wandering Educators – Feb, 2015)

Traveling Souls II – Lash The World Traveler (Anuradha Goyal Travels – March, 2013)

Teaching English in Kyoto, Japan  (Nomadic Samuel – Feb, 2o13)

Lash of Lash World Tour   (She Loves to Travel Blog – Nov, 2012)

Lash from LashWorldTour   (Contemporary Nomads – Sept, 2012)

Overland Traveler Lash of LashWorldTour  (Don’t Fly Go, May, 2012)

Thinking About Cycling Bali? Here’s Your Guide  (Nancy Sathre-Vogel, Family On Bikes  November, 2011)
Interview with Lash of LashWorldTour   (National RV Parks  November, 2011)
Around the World Interviews Visits Japan (Ordinary Traveler  October, 2011)
Interview with Kiran Bradley on Holistic Dad (Holistic Dad  Sept, 2011)
Interview with Tripper and WWOOF Fan Lash
 (Tripping- Do Good Things August, 2011)
LashWorld Tour: Digging Deeply into Global Cultures (Traveling Educators July, 2011)
Presenting Lash: Solo World Traveler Since 1991 (Traveland Transitions March, 2011)
Tripper of the Week: Lash (Tripping March, 2011)

Radio Interviews:

Interview about travels in Java, Indonesia on Amateur Traveler Podcast (July, 2012)

Interview with Ann Marie Cash on Rhino On Air Internet Radio (November, 2011)


Other PR:


‘Tripper of the Week’ ( March 3, 2011)


(media coverage current as of January, 2015)

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