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Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 1- Flying to the Amazon

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel in the heart of the Brazil Amazon Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 1- Flying to the Amazon After working crew on ‘Survivor Thailand’ from May to August 2002, I was offered a position on the ‘Dream Team’ for Survivor Amazon starting in mid-October in the Brazilian Amazon. At the time I was vacationing in Bali. Before heading off to Brazil, I had to first return to Bangkok, Thailand to process a Brazilian working visa…

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Amazon Ariau Towers Hotel- Rio Negros-Manaos-Brazil Amazon PHOTO GALLERY: BRAZIL AMAZON I spent 2 months in the thick of Brazil’s Amazon, way up the Rio Negro, at the quirky Ariau Amazon Tower Resort. The sprawling resort sits entirely off the ground on a series of wood platforms, connected by long wooden walkways.  Several large octagonal wooden towers house the rooms, dining halls, offices, and recreation facilities. The elev…

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travel interview- Benny Lewis- Fluent in 3 Months

…have no idea what it was and try it anyway, which is not possible in most countries. Argentina and the south of Brazil were tricky because they over-indulge in beef at times. I’ve found that the local translation of vegetarian is pretty much useless to me, and I need to find an alternative. In Brazil I found self-service restaurants the best solution by far, as they are very widespread. In Argentina it was interesting that if I said I was on a di…

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travel interview- Wandering Trader- Galibi Nature Reserve- Suriname

…trade around the world. I loved Canada but hated their coffee (Tim Hortons), EH. Sunset At Christ Statue- Rio Brazil  Q9. Last year you traveled extensively through Eastern Africa, including Somaliland and S.Sudan. I have to admit Somalia is a place I would personally chose to stay far far away from, especially after hearing about all the piracy, kidnapping, and even murders of western sailing travelers passing by in recent years. Weren’t…

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Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 2 – First Week in the Amazon

Ariau Amazon Tower Hotel on the banks of the Rio Negro, in the heart of the Brazil Amazon Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 2 –  First Week in the Amazon  Safely installed in Ariaus Amazon Tower Hotel, perched on the banks of the mighty Rio Negro, deep in the heart of the Brazil Amazon, I promptly settled into my first week crewing Amazon Survivor. That entailed getting up at 5:30 am, a painfully early wake up, but at least sunlight was…

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Travel Tales: Round Up of My Best Day Cruises

Mekong River - Luang Prabang - Laos

…212;—————————- Amazon river boats – Manaos – Brazil River Cruises on Rio Negro, Brazil Amazon While working on Survivor Amazon, our crew was treated to several interesting trips up and down the Rio Negro, in the very heart of the Amazon. On one trip we visited the strange ‘Meeting of the Waters’, where the muddy Rio Salimoes and the clear black Rio Negro rivers converg…

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Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 3 – Second Week in the Amazon

Ariau Amazon Tower – Manaus – Brazil Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 3 –  Second Week in the Amazon The first week of Amazon Survivor production only a few show crew were around the main filming area, way up the Negros River in the heart of the Brazil Amazon. We numbered just a handful of unit department people (my former department during Thailand Survivor), the production crew, and the challenge department staff (my department…

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TRAVEL INTERVIEW: Andi Perullo of My Beautiful Adventures

…ndi’s passion for travel and the details of her bucket list adventures. Here we go… Buzios – Brazil Q1. There’s not much about you personally on My Beautiful Adventures, Andi. Please tell us a bit about how you grew up and how you caught the travel bug. My mom jokes that I was born with a suitcase in my hand, as I have always had an insatiable desire to explore the world. Neither of my parents like to travel, so I am not…

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…t cultures; beautiful views; and extremely clean streets and buildings (especially in comparison to SE Asia and Brazil). Lane Cove National Park near Sydney, Australia After the tour, Denis drove me in our big ‘beast’ truck out to our caravan, which was awaiting us at Lane Cove Nat. Park, just north of the city. He’d bought an amazing caravan: really big, modern and clean. It was more or less a full house, complete with a bedro…

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merging of Rio Negros & Rio- Amazon

…le foliage, squalking water birds, and the excitement of starting a new film. merging of Rio Negros & Rio- Brazil Amazon During the following 2 months we cruised the Rio Negro by double-decker several times on excursions to Manaus. Once we were taken to witness the bizarre ‘Meeting of the Waters’, where Rio Negro and Rio Salimoes merge, one river muddy brown, the other clear dark water.  On another cruise we spotted a 4-meter pyt…

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