How to Submit Your Travel blog to Top Travel Blogs by Categories

How to submit your travel blog to Top Travel Blogs by Categories Project



I have tried my very best to include every travel blog I could find on the internet in these evaluations. In total I evaluated approximately 400 travel blogs in late May, 2015. I’d love to include everyone!

If I missed your travel blog, I’m sorry about that. I encourage you to submit your travel blog to me for evaluation on the next update, if your blog qualifies.

I plan to update these Top Travel Blog Lists quarterly. I will update and publish the next set of lists in early September, 2015. The good thing for you is that by September your stats should be even better. :)

If you’re interested in submitting your travel blog, please read the following information first:

Does Your Travel Blog Qualify?

A. Type of Blog

I only accept independent travel blogs for these lists. That means your travel blog:

1. primarily covers travel (90%-100% of your content)
2. is not primarily a life-style blog with travel as one of several topics
3. is not primarily about travel industry news, editorials, press releases.
4. is an independent travel blog, not connected to a large travel-related business
5. is not primarily a tour company, flight or hotel booking service.

B. Minimum Statistics

These lists are all about the world’s TOP travel blogs.

That means the travel blogs that make it onto these lists have an established audience, large visitor numbers and solid back-links. They are mostly well-known, popular travel blogs with their own well-engaged audience.

In order to make it onto these lists, your travel blog will need to have some minimal scores in the 5 metrics that I use to rank the sites.

The minimum scores vary quite a lot from one list to the other ( solo men, solo females, couples, families and groups). That is due to the huge differences in the number of blogs that exist online in each category. Which, in turn, also determines how many blogs I’ve included in each list (20 or 50 or 100).

The most competitive category is Solo Female Travel Blogs. That’s because there are so many solo female blogs out there. I didn’t actually realize this until I gathered and researched travel blogs for this project. But there you have it.

In any event, you’ll need roughly the following minimal scores in each of the following metrics to have a shot at getting on one of the lists:

Minimal Scores:

Facebook followers or friends: 1000
Moz DA: 35
Moz PA: 40
Alexa score: 600,00 or lower
Similar Web score: 1,000,000 or lower

If you’re not sure what your stats are, you can check your travel blog scores at the following sites:

Alexa score here

Moz DA and PA scores here

Similiar Web score here

If your stats are not high enough but close, you still might have a shot at your particular list. Especially if you have some high scores to offset one lower score, I’d say you have a decent chance to make it on the list.

If all your scores are still too low at this point, don’t fret. Keep working on your blog and your stats will improve over time. You can always submit your blog at a future date after you’ve grown your audience and online presence. Keep at it!

So You Qualify? Great! Here’s How to Submit Your Travel Blog


Fill out the following contact form or else send me an email to Lash@LashWorldTour

Send the following information. (I don’t need any other stats than what I list here, thanks)

A. In the Subject Line write: “Top Travel Blog List Submission”

B. Send me the following information:

1. Which category is your travel blog?
Solo Men – Solo Female – Family – Couples – Group

2. Blog Name

3. Link to your blog

4. Who are you? Name(s) of those writing/running your travel blog

5. A short blurb about your blog.
For instance, what’s your niche or what’s your blog all about?

6. Your current scores in the above 5 metrics:
Alexa – DA – PA – Facebook followers – Similar Web


That’s it. Thanks for your submission.

I look forward to discovering more great travel blogs and to meeting you – either online or in person.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Top Travel Blogs by Categories. And thanks for your interest and support.

Cheers, Lash


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