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Welcome to LashWorldTour Travel Store!

The  LashWorldTour Travel Store now has two sections:

2012 Calendars andTravel Books Store.

2012 Calendars Section offers 8 calendars of stunning photos from around Asia.
Travel Books Store offers a great selection of travel guidebooks and books designed to help you get out and travel the world.

   Learn more below or check Calendar Store  and Travel Books Store.

2012 Calendars  now 20% off

8 calendars of stunning photos from around Asia that I’ve taken during recent travels.
Click on captions to preview calendars or purchase. Each calendar costs just $20 US.
You can also read descriptions of all 8 calendars in my 2012 Calendars Store


I currently offer 3 books written by myself and 13 books written by some of my favorite fellow travel bloggers. My books include Hiking in Bali Guidebook, Cycling in Bali Guidebook and my free eBook: 100 Free Things to do in Asia.
Here’s a quick snapshot of a few of  the books in my store. Click on any caption to read more about the book or to purchase. You can also visit my  Travel Books Store to read about all the books in one location. 

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