Welcome to the World’s Top Travel Blogs by Categories!



This project consists of 5 separate lists of Top Travel Blogs.

The 5 categories are:

* Solo Female Travel Blogs (100 blogs)

* Solo Men Travel Blogs (100 blogs)

* Couples Travel Blogs (50 blogs)

* Family Travel Blogs (50 blogs)

* Group Travel Blogs (20 blogs)

Truth be told, I was inspired by Nomadic Samuel’s great Top 100 Travel Blogs List.

Sam has ranked hundreds of independent travel blogs purely by statistical data about each websites’ visitor numbers, back-link numbers and other indicators of any given website’s popularity and, thus their quality & usefulness. These are the very sorts of data that are used to determine a website’s usefulness, popularity and, thus quality, by Google, PR people and SEO specialists.

Sam’s ranking system contains no subjective evaluations or personal opinions on his part when ranking the travel blogs. The rankings all fall into order purely by statistical numbers. And that’s what I like so much about Sam’s great list. It’s a fair, unbiased scoring system.

If you’re not familiar with Sam’s fantastic list, head on over there to check it out.

Ever since Sam launched his Top 100 list in 2012, I’ve had the idea to make similar lists of travel blogs by the 5 categories I just mentioned above. I hope these lists will go hand in hand with Sam’s Top 100 List and enhance it with more detailed/specific lists.


Jump to the Top Travel Blogs Lists here:

Top 100 Solo Female Travel Blogs

Top 100 Solo Men Travel Blogs

Top 50 Couples Travel Blogs

Top 50 Family Travel Blogs

Top 20 Group Travel Blogs


To learn more about this project, scoring system and the lists, read on…

Purpose of This Project:

A. Travel Blog Exposure and Recognition

First of all, these lists give many more travel blogs exposure and recognition. In total, 320 top travel blogs are listed.

I’m very pleased to give recognition to all of these hard-working, fun-loving world travelers / bloggers. It’s a tough game that requires a bucket-load of on-going slavery over computers for most of us. All while trying to travel the world as much as possible.

Big Congratulations to everyone who’s made it to these lists. You deserve as many shout outs as possible. Great job and keep it up!

B. Great Resource for Travel Industry & Media Professionals

Secondly, by categorizing travel blogs in this manner, I hope to make it easier for travel industry & media professionals wanting to work with travel bloggers to more efficiently find the right bloggers for their projects.

As a result, I hope these lists will help more & more travel bloggers secure press trips, sponsorships, reviews and other work.

C. Place for Travelers to Discover & Connect with Travel Bloggers

Third, I hope these lists will also make it easier for the general traveling public to find and connect with the particular travel bloggers who can help them with inspiring travel stories, destination information, useful tips & advice and stunning photos of distant lands. In turn, this will help travel bloggers build their audience and readership.

D. Help Travel Bloggers Build Audience and Secure Work

All of this will potentially benefit the 320 travel bloggers on these lists, as I just noted. Anyone and everyone searching for travel blogs can find them here. Hopefully these travel bloggers will be able to attract more readers, fans and travel industry work.

All in all, it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.


This Is an On-Going Project

I plan to make these Top Travel Blog Lists an ongoing project, assuming people find the lists useful and helpful. I plan to update the lists quarterly. So I’ll publish the next round of lists in September, 2015.

To every blogger who has made the lists, big congratulations! I know first-hand how much hard work, effort and passion you’ve each put into building your followers, readerships, travel tips & stories, photos and technical education. Keep up the great work! …and let’s all evolve our new industry together.


Qualifications for blogs to be included in the Top Travel Blog Lists

1. Independent travel blog. Not a big company.

2. The blogger(s) identifies themselves on the site. An ‘about’ page telling who is running the site and writing the posts, preferably with a photo. I need to see that you’re a real (and individual) person(s) writing about your travel experiences and expertise.

3. Primarily covers travel

The focus might be more on food, photography, tips, stories, culture, adventure or other. Some travel blogs also include a bit of life-style, fashion or mind-set & development advice. But as long as the information is primarily travel, I will include it in the evaluations.

4. Not primarily travel industry news and updates, hotel and resort press reports and/or editorials.


My Scoring System

I’ve used a similar scoring system to Samuel’s Top 100 Lists, but I’ve skipped a few of the stats Sam uses and added one additional stat. My objective is to create a scoring system that takes into account three main factors used in evaluating the quality & popularity of sites on the web: number of monthly visitors, number of social media followers and number of back-links.

To this end, I’ve used the following stats:

Alex Scores – indication of website’s monthly traffic, popularity and results in search engines
Similar Scores – indication of website’s monthly traffic, popularity and results in search engines
MOZ DA Scores (Domain Authority) – indication of number of back-links
MOZ PA Scores (Page Authority) – indication of number of back-links
FB fans/followers – social media following

I’ve gathered and tracked these statistics for hundreds of travel blogs in order to create the five Top Travel Blog Lists.

As you can see, I’ve used 5 different metrics in the equation from four different independent sources. For each list, I’ve weighed each metric equally, so that each metric contributes 20% of the total score for each travel blog on each list.

However, each Top Travel Blog List has a slightly different point system due to the differing number of travel blogs from list to list. Each list also has a brief explanation of the scoring system used for that particular list.

Learn the full details about my Scoring System HERE.

Like Samuel’s Top 100 list, I’ve created these lists entirely by ranking numbers. The rankings do not involve my personal opinion in any way, shape or form.

I’d also like to note that all the stats in this tracking system can be accessed publicly. Anybody can find these stats online for every website included in these lists, without having to buy a paid subscription to the stat websites. That is a major reason I haven’t included Google Analytic information, Compete Scores or SEM Rush Scores.


Getting Your Blog on these Top Travel Blog Lists

I hope to include as many travel blogs as possible over time. That means more blog exposure, recognition and work opportunities for more and more travel bloggers.

If you’re not already on one of these lists and would like to be included, please write to me before the next update.


If you want to learn about Alexa and/or Moz DA & PA statistics and/or how you can improve your scores, I refer you over to Nomadic Samuel’s Top 100 Travel Blogs lists. He has already written up an excellent explanation.

Learn about Alexa, Moz and how to improve your scores here at Sam’s site


Personal Observations while researching and compiling lists

* To my surprise, the largest single category of travel blogs is solo females!

* Many couples and families are out traveling the world, but not nearly as many as I thought. (or maybe I’ve missed a bunch?)

* Oddly, some blogs have extremely varied stats. For instance, many blogs have incredibly high number of FB followers, but very low stats in other areas. Or visa versa – great stats all around, but very low number of FB followers.

* Overall, however, most blogs have stats that are consistent across all 5 scoring stats used. All very high, all medium or all fairly low.


I now present the Top Travel Blogs by Categories in the following Lists:

Top 100 Solo Female Travel Blogs

Top 100 Solo Men Travel Blogs

Top 50 Couples Travel Blogs

Top 50 Family Travel Blogs

Top 20 Group Travel Blogs


Please see each list for a more detailed explanation of that category, scoring system and the travel blogs included.


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