filming a challenge game for Survivor TV Series in Thailand


In 2002 I worked as crew on 2 episodes of the American reality show ‘Survivor’ !

It all started when I was picked up off the beach on Koh Tarutao Island, one of Thailand’s National Park islands, as a Thai-English translator for the unit department, in charge of housing for the entire crew. We lived, worked, and filmed on Tarutao Island for 3 months.

A few months later I was hired for the  Amazon episode, as a member of  the ‘Dream Team,’ which helps test out the ‘Challenges’  before the contestants play. We were based way up in the heart of the Brazil Amazon, along the Rio Negro near Manaos city.

Both gigs were a blast and the entire crew were wonderful, hard-working, down-to-earth people. Working crew on the shows was one of the best jobs of my life.

Read about my experiences crewing two seasons of The Survivor TV Series!

Everyone hired to work crew on ‘Survivor’ must sign a privacy contract, agreeing not to divulge any details of the show for 4 years. During my work stints, I wrote regular personal journal entries about my experiences on crew. I will gradually be editing and publishing the stories in 2 series: ‘Survivor Thailand’ and ‘Survivor Amazon’.

You can find all my outrageous, behind-the-scenes adventures on the Survivor TV Series here   Enjoy!

cheers, Lash

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