bali photos- rice field workers-central Bali

rice field workers in central Bali


During the past several years of travels through SE ASia I’ve spent much time  in Bali, particularly rural Bali. I’ve snapped shots of the people, rice fields, boats, fishing, ceremonies, salt-making, mountians and other  visual treats that entice travelers to ‘Island of the Gods’

This photo gallery presents 80 images of rural life around the island, particularly in remote Amed, Bali’s far northeast coast.


  1. David

    Great pics.
    Actually, it's the first time I see pictures of Bali that make me want to go there.
    I usually imagine the place as being a tourist trap for Australian tourists basically.

    Thanks for showing us that it's more than that.

  2. LASH

    Hi David, I'm so glad you got a glimse into the rest of Bali! Actually, most of Bali is still rural with incredible scenery! Hope you get to go one day. Thanks for stopping by. Lash

  3. LASH

    ps… I'm sure you know that Japanese LOVE Bali?! As strange as it may sound, I find many many similarities between the 2 countries/ cultures. When I'm in B ali I totally get why the Japanese feel good there.

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