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If you are a travel-related company who targets independent travelers, women, adventure and outdoors travelers, budget travelers, or solo travelers then please consider adding LashWorldTour to your media plan, as LashWorldTour is a very rapidly growing travel blog with a promising long-term future.

Since February, 2011, readership and page views have increased 800%, doubling every 2 months.

In just 6 months, the site has attained a Google page rank 3 and excellent Google search engine response. Currently, 49% of traffic to LashWorldTour comes from search engines.
Stats: (all current as of November 1, 2011)

Google PR: 3
search engine traffic: 49%
Alexa rank: 184,800
Alexa US rank: 66,000
monthly page views: Blogger Site Stats: 6100
monthly unique visitors: 1641
demographics: the majority of LWT’s readerships are university educated women, aged 25-45
demographics: USA 33% / UK, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia 10% each / Germany 5%

FB friends and followers combined:1100
Tw followers:745

** 30+ posts on LWT reach page 1 of Google keyword searches. Several hold the top 1 and 2 positions on Google search’s first page. These posts also have a Google PR 1 or 2.


A published author, Lash, has been traveling the world nomadically for over 12 years- since 1998. Prior to that, she lived in Japan for 6 years. Her areas of travel expertise include: solo travel, women’s travel, cycle-travel, hiking and mountain climbing, scuba diving, budget travel, cultural arts, Japan, and SE Asia. She initiated LashWorldTour with 100+ travel stories and 28 photo galleries. Currently, there are 200 posts.

LashWorldTour is moving forward with a 10-year business plan initiated in February, 2011. Plans include a much expanded Travel Tips section, several eBooks, product and destination reviews, and PR Trips. In addition, Lash will continue publishing weekly travel stories, travelers’ interviews and photo galleries. (min. 3 posts/week) Lash will pursue her nomadic world travels for the next 10-15 years, continually adding fresh material to LWT. In short, LashWorldTour will be around a long time.

Advertising on LashWorldTour:

* Sidebar ads:

Text links:

Text link: $30/month. $300/year if paid upfront.
Text link with surrounding text: $40/month $420/year if paid upfront

Banner ads:

125 x 125 $50/month
300 x 250 $60/month
600 x 125 $100/month

all banner ads will receive 10% discount for one year, if paid up front
all text and banner ads, minimum 3 monthspreferred payment via paypal. all advertising rates +4% paypal fees

* Sponsored posts: $200/post
I would be pleased to have your sponsor one of my already published posts or a new post. I prefer to do the writing myself as all the work on LashWorldTour is in my voice.
Reviews of travel products, services and destinations
Post on travel topic with which I’m familiar and that fits well with your company’s services.
Benefits of already published post:
LashWorldTour benefits from excellent search engine exposure. Currently, 49% of all traffic comes from search engines.
Over 30 of my existing posts come up on the first page of Google searches and also have a page rank of 1-2. New readers visit these posts on a daily basis. Selecting one of these posts to sponsor will provide excellent exposure to your company.
New post:
I can suggest several topics for new posts that I could write within 2 weeks. If you have another topic in mind, I’ll be happy to consider that as well.
The links will appear at the bottom of the post, with the following statement:
This post made possible by the generosity of my sponsor … “
All links are no-follow.
Sponsors’ company and links have to fit the post topic and LashWorldTour. I cover many aspects of travel, so I’m confident we can find a topic that fits both LashWorldTour and your company’s target audience.

* Press Trips:

I am currently open to do press trips for tours, hotels, adventures, and destinations.
You will benefit from social media exposure on FB and Twitter. I will also write post(s) with a candid review of my experiences. Contact me to work out a mutually-agreeable partnership.

* Public speaking:

I am available for public speaking engagements at seminars, workshops and conferences on the topics of solo travel, long-term travel, travel for women, SE Asia travels, budget travel, and cycle-touring.

* Writing assignments:

I’m available for writing assignments on a variety of travel topics. 

CONTACT Lash:  lashtour ( at ) yahoo.com

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