Nov – Dec 2003

Vietnam trip- halong bay

stunning Halong Bay-Vietnam

Halong Bay near CatBa ilsand, northeast Vietnam


I greatly enjoyed traveling through Vietnam for 6 weeks in Nov- Dec. 2003. The country sports stunning and varied scenery; an abundance of beautiful arts including paintings, lacquerware, stone carvings, traditional architecture and paper lanterns to name a few; delicious food and a few surprises such as French-style coffee. Although Vietnam is incredibly noisy and the people a bit too aggressive for my tastes, it quickly became one of my favorite countries in SE.Asia – a close third to Myanmar. (Thailand being first of course)



tribal village girls crossing bridge near Sapa, northwest Vietnam

Stand-outs of my trip included noisy bustling Hanoi; Sapa, a charming mountain town with amazing atmosphere; breath-taking Halong Bay, full of limestone peaks poking out of mist; Hue, the ancient coastal royal city; and nearby Hoi An, an atmospheric historic port town along the ancient Asian trading route.

Japanese bridge- Hoi An- Vietnam

Japanese bridge- Hoi An- Vietnam

famous old Japanese bridge in Hoi An, central Vietnam

Hope you enjoy my tales…

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Two Wheels & Rice Fields - ebook - positive world travel

Two Wheels & Rice Fields – ebook – positive world travel

Two Wheels & Rice Fields- The Ultimate Guide to Motorbiking Vietnam

My friends and fellow travel bloggers ,  Elise and Anthony Milotic of Positive World Travel, have written this excellent and very thorough guidebook to motorbiking through Vietnam  based on their own motorbike trip through the country.

If you’re planning to visit Vietnam and/or you love motorbike travel, check out their awesome guide to get started.

Read my review of Two Wheels & Rice Fields


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