I’m Going on Vacation until early January 2018

enjoying a north coast beach in Puerto Rico

I’m Going on Vacation until early January 2018

Wed. Dec. 20-Jan. 6, 2018

Well here it is, the end of 2017. Already. Yet another year gone by. It happens annually, but every year, this time of year I always feel surprised yet again that the year is coming to a close.

So it’s time again to take my usually 2-week year-end vacation. I’ll be on break from Wed. Dec. 20-Jan. 6, 2018. Yippie! I love vacations. My family jokes that my whole life is a vacation, so they look at me dubiously when I announce my actual vacation plans.

Maybe from their perspective my life looks like a perpetual holiday. However, that’s not quite true. I do work for a living, nearly every day throughout the year, just like everyone else.

Lash - portable internet cafe - Koh Adang - Thailand

my portable internet cafe working in Thailand

Well, ok, not really like everyone else. I generally only work 2-4 hours a day. And I do so in wonderful, every changing ‘offices’ as I travel the globe. And I work for myself. And my various jobs writing articles on LashWorldTour, negotiating business deals, reviews luxury hotels and updating country guides are all mostly quite fun. So, yes, I have made enjoyable work for myself out here in the world.

But still, everyone needs a real vacation! And that includes me.

Vacation for me means a complete break from all work for two solid weeks, maybe a bit longer. I do not write articles or review hotels or engage in any freelance writing work. I take an actual total break from work.

Corn Islands - Nicaragua mapThis year I’ll be vacationing at Nicaragua’s remote and little-developed Corn Islands. They are situated off the Caribbean coast, set in aquamarine seas, surrounded by coral reefs and blessed with powdery white sands and coconut palms. Just my kind of paradise.

Although many of you might never have heard of the Corn Islands, they are actually surprisingly very popular and well known. Especially right now during their high season Dec-Feb. I expect heaps of travelers from all over the world. In fact, I just hope it won’t be too crowded!

Naturally, I’ll be suntanning on the beaches, swimming in the sea, cycling the island and hopefully snorkeling and scuba diving on coral reefs.

I’ll have to fill you in on Corn Islands in early January after I return from my greatly anticipated tropical vacation. Wish me well. And have yourselves a wonderful holiday season this year.

Over and out, cheers, Lash


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