My 10 Best Destination Articles of 2017

Zacatecas at nightMy 10 Best Destination Articles of 2017

As many of you already know, I spent 2017 exploring Mexico and Central America.

I stayed at dozens of stunning colonial cities and towns, the most impressive in central Mexico. There I visited world-class museums, gorgeous centuries-old churches, lovely art galleries, pretty plazas and two historic silver mines.

I also spent plenty of time out in nature, of course: at gorgeous Pacific coast beaches, dramatic volcanoes, beautiful crater lakes, waterfalls, rivers and finally at two little Caribbean islands in Nicaragua.

Along the way, I wrote articles about each country as well as many of the towns, cities, museums and natural places that I explored.

enjoying a rum factory tour

enjoying a rum factory tour

Following is a collection of what I consider to be my 10 best destination articles of the year. They are the most informative or interesting or useful posts I wrote about the many wonderful places in this region of the world.

I previously wrote about My 5 Best Adventures of 2017. If you’re more interested in exciting, unusual things to do out in nature, check out that post.

Meanwhile, if you’re heading to Mexico or Central America, I hope the following destination articles will help you plan your trip and enjoy your travels more thoroughly.

Having fun at Corn Islands!

Having fun at Corn Islands!

Without further ado, here you go:

1. My Travel Route Through Central Mexico and Pacific Coast

2. Beach Hopping Along Mexico’s Central Pacific Coast

3. Introduction to Mexico City

4. Surprising Facts About Mexico City

5. The Best Little Town in the World: Guanajuato ā€“ Mexico

6. Zacatecas ā€“ Mexico

7. Guatemala vs. Mexico

8. Introduction to El Salvador

9. Ruta de Flores ā€“ El Salvador

10. Introduction to Nicaragua

Happy reading! And have some wonderful travel adventures this year folks!


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