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In 2011 & 2012 I conducted weekly travel interviews with other long-term nomadic travelers, travel addicts and bloggers. Two full years of interviews, 82 in total.

Find other inspiring travelers: single women, single men, couples, families, and single parents with kids. Read about how, where, why and when they’ve been traveling the world.

You’ll find: adventure enthusiasts, culture addicts, party-goers and nature nuts. Travelers of Asia, Australia and New Zealand, North America, Europe, Middle East, Central and South America.  Professional writers, photographers, web designers, and bloggers. People out there following their dreams… Find the right people to inspire you to follow your dreams!

If you want a chronological list of all interview posts, most recent first, click this Travelers Interviews Category.

Here’s a summary of all the interviews I did during 2011: 1-year Round-up of Travelers’ Interviews

If you’re looking for a specific travel blogger or type of traveler, check the list below:


My Beautiful Adventures – Andi Perullo

Twenty Something Travel- Stephanie Yoder

The Everywhere-ist: Geraldine DeRuiter

Cooking Up Prana- Kyle Willets

Inside the Travel Lab- Abigail King

Nina Schwarz- Head Flight Attendant with Lufthansa, pt 2

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler- Alexandra Kovacova

Quirky Traveler – Zoë Dawes

LL World Tour – Lisa Lubin

Nomadic Chick- Jeannie Mark

Nina Schwarz- head flight attendant at Lufthansa

ConnVoyage- Connie Hum

Adventurous Kate- Kate McCulley

Hike-Bike-Travel – Leigh McAdam

Suzy Guese

Jasmine Wanders- Jasmine Stephenson

Heather On Her Travels- Heather Cowper

Bacon in Magic- Ayngelina Brogan

A Little Adrift- Shannon O’Donnell

Solo Traveler- Jancie Waugh

OttsWorld- Sherry Ott

Tripping- Lauren Nicholl

Hole In The Donut- Barbara Weibel

Wild Junket- Nellie Huang

Runaway Juno- Juno


Career Break Secrets – Jeff Jung

Dave’s Travel Corner – David Thompson

Eating Thai Food – Mark Wiens

Pause the Moment – Ryan Gargiulo

Migrationology – Mark Wiens

Vago Damitio – Vagobond Online Magazine

Benny Lewis – Fluent in 3 Months

Michael Sowden – Fevered Mutterings

Samuel Jeffries – Nomadic Samuel

Marcello Arrambide – Wandering Trader

Tal Gur

Amateur Traveler- Chris Christensen

Wonderful Malaysia- Ilya Houben

Living the Dream RTW- Jeremy Jones

My Spanish Adventures- Will Peach

Man on the Lam- Raymond Walsh

Travels of Adam- Adam Groffman

Malaysia Asia- David Jr. Hogan

One Step 4 Ward- Johnny Ward

Art of Backpacking- Michael Tieso

Travel Dudes- Melvin Boecher

Todd’s Wanderings- Todd Wassel

Brendan’s Adventures- Brendan Van Son

Velvet Escape- Keith Jenkins

Wandering Earl- Earl Baron

Go Backpacking- David Lee

Nomadic Matt- Matt Kepnes

FoXnoMad- Anil Polat

Land Lopers- Matt Long

Everything-Everywhere- Gary Arndt


Hecktic Travels- Dalene and Pete Heck

Contemporary Nomad – Tony and Thomas

Green Global Travels- Bret Love and Mary Gabbett

My Itchy Travel Feet- Donna and Alan Hull

Globetrotter Girls- Dani and Jess

CumiDanCiki- Mei and Jo

Family on Bikes- Nancy Sathre- Vogel and John Vogel

Positive World Travel- Elise and Ant

As We Travel- Nathan and Sofia

Over Yonderlust- Erica and Shaun

Beers and Beans- Bethany and Randy

Ordinary Traveler- Scott and Christy

Uncornered Market- Audrey and Daniel

Traveling Canucks- Cameron and Nicole

2 Backpackers- Jason and Aracely

The PlanetD- Dave and Deb

Never Ending Voyage- Simon and Erin

yTravel Blog- Caz and Craig


1 Dad 1 Kid 1 Crazy Adventure- Tigger Windwalker

1 Dad 1 Kid 1 Crazy Adventure- Talon Windwalker

Family on Bikes-Vogels: Interview for Book ’20 Miles Per Cookie’ / USA-Mexico journey

Travels With a Nine Year Old- Zac Sutcliffe

Family on Bikes- Vogels: Nancy, John, Davy and Daryl

Travels With a Nine Year Old- Theodora Sutcliffe and Z

Raising Miro- Miro

Raising Miro- Lainie Liberti

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