What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Lash with cocktail at Freedom BarLash. Yep, that’s my name. Yep, it’s a nickname.

I’ve also been called, in jest:  Flash, Rash, Slash, Crash, and Smash… but it’s just plain ole Lash.

Over the years I’ve been dubbed Lash-ilicious, Pinkie Lash, Lash Laroo and, most recently, Lash Lash.

In Irish English ‘Going out on the lash’ means to get totally wasted on alcohol. Thank goodness I’m not Irish, especially since I’ve never been much of a drinker!  (despite this photo of sunset cocktails)

Several Facebook friends, also named Lash, (given name) tell me that in Spanish ‘Lash’ means ‘Goddess of Wealth’.  Yippie! Bring it on! Looks like I’m heading down the right road…

Believe it or not, I’ve also met a few Americans who know someone else named Lash, in all cases a given name. Apparently it’s a traditional family name in some affluent families, passed down through the generations. I never did find out the original source from which it’s derived. (Maybe ‘Goddess of Wealth’?)


Introductions or conversations about my name inevitably lead to the question:

“Why is your name Lash?”

Following are some theories floating around…. Which, if any, do you buy?


Childhood theories:

* I grew up as a ballet dancer, eventually specializing in modern dance and choreography. During my Pittsburgh days, I did a lot of performance art and dance performances. Lash was a great stage name, especially with my stark, bold modern dance style.


* I grew up sailing, where ‘lashing down lines’ is an integral part of daily activities. I was particularly good at lashing down those lines: strong pulling and quick reaction times. In the emotionally-charged, quick-reflexes-required moments of tacking and racing, it gradually became much faster, easier, and more concise for my sailing mates to yell out ‘Lash!’ than to stammer out my whole name plus instructions. Eventually, we just shortened it all and I became “Lash!”


* As a child I was crazy about cowboys. I watched as many cowboy movies as I could get my hands on. I played cowboy and Indians with neighborhood kids. I owned my prized collection of cowboy dolls, with changeable hats, boots, and chaps. My favorite cowboy of all time was Lash Laroo. I dubbed myself Lash, in honor of that most excellent freedom seeker.



Young adult theories:


* During university, I worked as a hair designer to put myself through school. One young guy I worked with, straight out of a small town into the big city, just couldn’t wrap his head around my strong personality and distinctive fashion style. One day he brought in a photo from a fashion magazine of a woman in sleek tights, flowing jacket, and carrying a whip. He handed it to me declaring, “I can just picture you with a whip in your hand, … Lash.” It stuck.


* Waayyy before she ever became famous, I used to pal around with Lady Gaga. She was Gaga, I was Lush Lash.


* In between attending classes at university, pursuing my first career as a hair designer, clubbing, and performing modern dance in small dance companies, I used to be a dominatrix. I worked in a big dom house. What better name than Lash?!


* I used to be The Master of giving people a good tongue lashing! You’d have done well to stay on my good side back then…


* In my clubbing hey-days in Pittsburgh, USA and Kyoto, Japan, one integral feature of all my outrageous clubbing outfits was fabulous fake eye lashes. I had gaudy 2-inch black lashes, delicate elegantly curved lashes, blue, purple, pink, green, clumpy, blunt, feathery. You name ’em, I wore ’em at one party or other. Needless to say, I was quickly known as Lash to all club-goers of my various hang-outs. Sadly, once I started traveling by bicycle in the tropics, back in 1998, I soon gave up my lovely eye lashes. But the name still remains the same. (Led Zep)


Q: Which story to you vote for?

Got any other theories to share?

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