A private jacuzzi in the jungle topped off my 3rd day of circumnavigating Bali by bicycle. I was actually visiting a bustling public hot spring in the lush mountains of north Bali, but I’d managed to secure my own private open-aired jacuzzi. I immersed myself in soothing natural hot water while gazing at coconut trees, rattan palms, banana fronds, bamboo, an exceedingly tall jungle tree and the vast blue sky. Ahhhh, paradise.




My large stone-tiled jacuzzi (built for 10 people) was set in a spacious courtyard garden bursting with flowering bushes and tropical vegetation. My entire body, especially my legs, greatly appreciated both the soothing hot water and the quiet, relaxing solitude of my private jungle paradise.


travel story- Bali


I had actually been to this hot spring 10 years earlier, during my first cycle tour of Bali. I vaguely remembered that it was a strange place, though the details escaped me. This time, as soon as I’d arrived my memory was immediately jolted into recognition: everywhere I saw screaming, yelling, racing, splashing, laughing, jumping children! Ahhh- ha! This place was a locals’ public water playground.

I don’t know about you, but that particular scenario I generally find entirely stressful, annoying and pointedly UN relaxing. I had gone to the hot springs seeking relaxation, quiet and peace after a long day of cycling down a volcanic mountainside. The amusement park atmosphere of the place was a pity, I thought, since the hot springs were situated in such a beautiful and potentially serene jungly hillside.




My first instinct was to get out and away as fast as possible. But I was also tempted to linger in the lovely leafy-green forest. I decided to wander around in an attempt to find a calm quiet space to at least sit down a while. That’s when I discovered the ‘spa’ area- across an inviting wooden bridge spanning a small river.


At the ‘spa’ I discovered 2 separate large stone jacuzzi pools, each set in its own courtyard. Best of all, to my utter delight, nobody else was there. I happily paid the extra 10,000 rp ($1.10 US) to secure my own private jacuzzi in the jungle. That brought the total cost of my indulgent jungle luxury to all of 18,000 rp ($2 US) including the locker. Man, was I glad I had wandered around the hot springs.


travel story- Bali


And it just goes to show, yet again, a truth I discovered many years ago regarding tourist attractions: simply venture 100 M beyond the ‘attraction’ and, Voila, you’re in your own private paradise!

Reporting from one such paradise, Lash


Have you ever enjoyed a jacuzzi in the jungle or forest? If so, where?

If not, what was your favorite Jacuzzi or spa experience? 

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  1. Stella

    Hi Lash,

    Can’t stop reading your stories about Bali!
    Can I ask you something; these hot springs you talk about are hot spring in Banjar, to the west of Lovina, right?

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Stella,

      Oh, great. Glad you’re enjoying my Bali tales. :))

      Yep, that’s right. The hot springs are just west then south (into the mountains) of Lovina, at Banjar.

      cheers, Lash

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