photos of cats - gorgeous tabby kitten

gorgeous tabby kitten I took care of in Thailand


I’m absolutely nuts about cats. Always have been.

Growing up in the USA, my brothers and I had every pet imaginable at one point or other: cats, dogs, birds, fish, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards. I liked all of them, but through them all I was inexplicably crazy about cats.

kitten on Koh Bulon

kitten on Koh Bulon

Actually, it’s not inexplicable at all. I know exactly why I love them. For one thing, cats are fiercely independent. They don’t just ‘jump’ at someone’s command, like a cowering lap dog. Cats consider the request and chose to do so or not, based on their own plans or feelings. Big respect!

They are both loners and socialites, getting a healthy dose of both during the course of a day.

Cats have fantastic, variable personalities and heaps of talent. They are superb, streamlined athletes who can run fast as a whip, jump, climb, fall without injury and all sorts of other acrobatics.

They are as flexible as gymnasts, stretching themselves into amazing positions. They are excellent stalkers and hunters, and if need be they can keep themselves fed completely on their own.

Cats are supremely clean animals, washing their fur all over every day and burying their poo after each trip to the toilet.

They know how to languidly relax, to play, curl up in a lap, take care of each other and outwit their enemies.

And they purrrrr…

If you’re a cat lover, like me, I hope you enjoy these 20 random photos of cats I’ve met during my travels.



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