CYCLING BALI DAY 4: Cruising Bali’s Forgotten North Coast

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali


CYCLING BALI DAY 4: Cruising Bali’s Forgotten North Coast

I awoke again at 5:30 am, this day in Seririt city on Bali’s little-visited north coast. I was very excited to begin my most eagerly-anticipated day of the entire bicycle tour. I knew that west of Seririt I’d be treated to stunning scenery, light traffic and nearly flat roads all the way west to Pemuteran, a trip of just 40 km / 25 miles. Once there, I’d get to luxuriate for 1 1/2 days at a seaside resort. I’d just been there 1 week earlier, so I knew what delights awaited me.

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali

Local girl making ‘kue’ in Seririt, N. Bali

Yet another treat awaited me right here in Seririt before I even got started. The kitchen of Seririt’s only hotel, where I was staying, specializes in making a plethora of Balinese sweets ‘kue’. I could already smell them baking just behind my room.
cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali

Colorful Balinese sweets ‘kue’

So after packing up I wandered back into the kitchen, chatted with the bakery staff, took pictures, and bought some delicious still-hot kue to feast on for breakfast. Yummy! Balinese sweets are either steamed or fried and come in colorful shades of pink, green and yellow. It was quite interesting to see the variety of steamer cups and molds used to make the steamed varieties. One more surprise: pancake mix! That certainly simplifies the baking process.

At 7:15 I excitedly set out. Immediately upon leaving Seririt, beautiful scenery greeted me. “Hello!” A lovely stream, racing down from the distant mountains through green rice fields and backed by the Bali Barat Mountain range, flowed down to the bridge on Seririt’s western edge. Fantastic. “Here I come beautiful nature,” I said aloud as I cycled westward.

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali


Another bonus: a freshly paved road. According to my motorbike journal, this road was nearly flat, but slightly uphill, all the way to Pemuteran in far west Bali. I envisioned a completely flat road and easy cruising. And indeed, I started out in my high gears, flying along, enjoying the spectacular scenery and stopping for occasional photo opps.

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali


Before long, though, I found myself pedaling in mid-gears, much like Day 2 from Sanur to Ubud, with occasionally steeper climbs. Ugh! It was a bit tougher than I’d expected. Perhaps my legs were slowly wearing down, tired from three days of hill climbing? Or perhaps it was just the mental anticipation of an easy cycling day? Or perhaps the roads were just steeper than I’d noted?

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali


In any event, I pressed on, still enjoying the views. When I stopped for my hourly break, I was already quite hungry. I found a local warung (local restaurant) selling babi ( pork), so I ate a tasty meal while resting.

Back on my bike, I found the pedaling a little tiring, but do-able. I did have to stop more frequently than usual, oddly enough. Then, before I knew it, I suddenly reached my seaside hotel. Great! It was just 9:30am.

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Seririt- Bali

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast-Bali

Temple back in the hills- Pemuteran

Once I arrived at the hotel, I discovered that I actually still had lots of energy. So I unloaded my bike at my room and set out to explore the lovely area. I found out that the region is chocked full of Balinese temples. Way back narrow roads, in the ‘middle of nowhere’ were 3 clearly important temples.

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Pemuteran- Bali

Temple gate overlooking the N. Bali Sea

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast- Pemuteran- Bali

Dip in the sea anyone?!

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast-Pemuteran- Bali

Sweeping coastal views from the temple

Out along Bali’s gorgeous coast I found 3 more important temples. They were infested with local monkeys. My experiences over the years with monkey hordes have not been enjoyable, so I was surprised to find these monks were not very aggressive. In fact, they just wandered around minding their own business, sat about grooming themselves, and played with each other. Another temple sat up on a small hill with fantastic views up and down the coast.

cycling Bali -Bali's north coast-Pemuteran Bali

After my interesting explorations I returned to my lux seaside resort where I spent the whole day relaxing, writing and swimming in the pool. Ahhh, paradise!


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