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Travel Story: My First Ever Trip Overseas

Travel Story: My First Ever Trip Overseas The very first time I left the USA, I flew myself to England and France. Specifically, I ventured to London and Paris, for one week in each city. I was 21. Why London and Paris? My choice had nothing to do with an especially burning desire for either …

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My Visit to London Camden Markets

London Camden Markets - London

MY VISIT TO LONDON CAMDEN MARKETS I discovered London’s famous Camden Markets two years ago while visiting a Spanish friend who lives in London. I was very grateful to Susanna for inviting me to stay with her when I passed through the city en route to work elsewhere in England. (That later turned into my …

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summer in Manchester- Manchester pub- England

MY BIZARRE SUMMER IN MANCHESTER, ENGLAND I arrived in Manchester one chill summer day on a train up from London. I was about to begin my new life as… (let me cough this out…) a paintball ticket sales woman. Ah-hem! The great thing, I reminded myself again at the train station, was that I could skip the …

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