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Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to on my travels over the years:

1. Cycled solo from Bangkok, Thailand to Mersing, Malaysia, all along the east coasts. ~2000 km
2. Cycled in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Java, Singapore, Nepal, Australia and China
3. Climbed volcanic Mt Semeru, Java Indonesia’s highest mountain, Mt. Agung in Bali, Mt Fuji- Japan
4. Lived in Kyoto, Japan from 1991- 1997
5. Speak  conversational Japanese, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia/ Malaysian (nearly the same)
6. Have my ShoDan black belt in Aikido
7. Have publicly performed tea ceremony, taiko drumming and koto (13-string Japanese harp)
8. Can  put on my own kimono and dress others in kimono too.
9. Worked on crew of 2 Episodes of ‘Survivor’- Thailand. Amazon.
10. Have traveled through 25 countries so far
11. I’m a PADI OWSI Dive Instructor- since 2005
12. My favorite beaches and islands are in Southern Thailand, west coast.
13. The country I’d most like to re-visit is Myanmar.
14. The place I’d most like to retire to is Bali.
15. I’m going to travel another 10-15 years.
16. I have ‘stay safe’ rules of travel that I follow. ( So I’ve never been robbed, assaulted or lost any valuables)
17.My favorite color is PINK. In fact, in many places I’m known as ‘Pink’ or ‘PinkieLash’
18. I estimate that I fly avg. 4-6 flights/ year and have made over 100 international flights so far.
19. I have done: sky diving, bungee jumping, para-sailing, hang-gliding and piloted an airplane 3 times.
20.I’ve visited Asia’s 3 main ancient temples: Borobudur in Java, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan in Myanmar…
21. I drove across the entire USA twice, from Pittsburgh, PA to San Fransicso, CA.
22. I’ve visited 45 of the 50 United States.
23. I’ve seen 23 US Nat. Parks in 21 states, about 40% of total Parks, Forests, Seashores and Wild Life Reserves.
24.I’ve hiked and/or climbed mountains in 10 countries.
25. I once had a 3 Meter python enter my bungalow at night and proceed to eat my kitten!

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