TRAVEL TIPS: How to Extend an Indonesian Tourist or Social Visa

how to extend an Indonesian visa so you can stay 6 months

beautiful coastal road in west Lombok

TRAVEL TIPS: How to Extend an Indonesian Tourist or Social Visa

 In my Guide to Indonesian Visa Options I detail the three types of visas available to travelers to Indonesia. In brief, they are Visa On Arrival, Tourist Visa and Social Visa. Not surprisingly, each has its own particular rules for extensions. Before you head to Indonesia, I suggest becoming familiar with the three visa options and choosing the one best suited to your trip.

Bali travel tips - Indonesian Visa Info

Indonesian Visa Info

Extending a Visa On Arrival

The Visa On Arrival (30 day visa) can only be extended once, for one month, allowing a total visit of 2 months (60 days) in Indonesia before you must leave the country.

 I’ve never used a Visa On Arrival, however fellow travel blogger Derek Freal of TheHoliDaze has. He’s filled me in on the process of extending the VOA, which I present to you here.

Luckily, you do not need a sponsor to make a VOA extension. But you do have to visit the immigration office three times, on three consecutive days. Here’s the low down:

Day 1 – Visit any Indonesian Immigration office, fill out the required forms and present them along with your passport, 2 passport photos, photocopies of you passport and.

Day 2 – Return to the office to pay your 250,000 rp / $25 US fee

Day 3 – Return to the office again to pick up your passport.

As you’ll soon see below, this is quite an easy process compared to extending the Tourist and Social Visas. But visiting immigration 3 times in 3 days is still rather a pain in the butt. Nothing to do about that. If you have any other questions about the VOA extension process, please contact Derek at theHoliDaze blog.

If you’re in South Bali, I personally recommend visiting the immigration office near the airport, not the office in central Denpasar city.  Avoid the Denpasar office, which is crazy busy. At that office, you’ll have to face a lot of waiting. And the officers are rather hard asses. They’re tired of it all, no doubt.

 Extending Tourist and Social Visas

In the remainder of this post I detail all the long-winded procedures for extending Indonesian Tourist and Social Visas. I’ve extended both type of visas several times, doing so by myself and at other times by hiring visa agencies to do the extensions for me.

Both Tourist and Social Visas are 2-month (60 day) visas which can be extended month by month for 1-4 months, allowing a total of 6-months in the country before you must leave.

Penulisan- Pura Tegeh Koripan Temple- Bali - Indonesia

Pura Tegeh Koripan Temple- Bali’s highest temple. Located on Mt Batur volcano rim at Penulisan

You need a sponsor for Tourist and Social Visa extensions

 To extend either a Tourist Visa or Social Visa, you must have an Indonesian citizen as a ‘sponsor’. That can be anyone – guest house owner or staff, a friend or acquaintance. Anyone who’s willing to fill out the forms and sign his/her name. The sponsor is not required to reveal his assets or finances. He does not have to put any money up as collateral or pay any fees. In short, there’s no financial obligation on his part.

 By becoming your sponsor, he is basically ‘vouching’ for you – ie. That you’re of good character and are not going to do anything illegally in the country, including working on a Tourist or Social Visa. Please bare in mind that if you do anything illegal and get caught, then your sponsor is going to get in trouble, too.

 If you arrive in Indonesia with a Tourist Visa, you will arrive without a sponsor. (since a sponsor is not required to get the visa) After arrival you must find a sponsor in order to get an extension. You have some flexibility, if you’re going to extend several times, in that you can have a different sponsor each month. If you’re traveling around the country and applying at different immigration offices, you’ll need new sponsor each time – a local.

Balinese guy pouring arak

local Balinese guy pouring arak at a funeral ceremony

 If you have a Social Visa, you’ll already have a sponsor when you arrive. And he/she will be the same sponsor for each and every visa extension. He/she will still have to fill out forms for each extension. But you don’t have to search for a new sponsor. In fact, you can’t.

 The sponsor usually has to be a resident of the particular immigration office’s jurisdiction. For example, if you’re in Lombok, you will apply for your extension at the Mataram Immigration Office. They will only accept a Lombok citizen, not an Indonesian from Bali or Java.

 If you’re in Bali and are applying in the north at Singaraja, you’ll need a sponsor from that region of the island. They are not allowed to use a sponsor from other districts of Bali, such as Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur or even Ubud. Those areas fall under the jurisdiction of the Denpasar office. If you already have an Indonesia sponsor from elsewhere, guess what? Too bad. Find a new one locally.

 How to find a sponsor in a place you’ve never been before? Ask at your guest house or hotel. One of the staff or perhaps one of their friends will do it or they’ll know someone who speaks English, who’s done a sponsorship before and is willing to help you out. You’ll probably have to pay them to do so! 100,000-250,000 rp is normal (Actually, 100,000 rp is very very low. They’d be doing you a huge favor at that rate).

Mt Bromo in Java - Indonesia

stunning Mt Bromo in Java

Two methods to extend a visa

 Regardless of which visa type you have, you have two methods to extend that visa once you’re in the country. Each visa extension, regardless of visa type, currently costs 250,000 rp / about $25-27 US per month.

 Method 1 – You can go to any Indonesian Immigration Office by yourself and make the extension. Immigration offices are located on all of Indonesia’s main islands, at the island’s capital city. Some larger islands like Sumatra and Java have several immigration offices.

 Even little Bali has three offices, probably because of the shear number of tourists there. Bali’s offices are located in central Denpasar city, near the airport and on the north coast in Singaraja city, near Lovina beach.

 Method 2 – Alternately, you can hire a visa service to do the extension(s) for you.

 Here’s the low down on how it works.

Indonesian Embassy Website Banner Doing a visa extension yourself

 This is the least expensive way to extend your visa. The only cost is the extension itself – 250,000 rp (and the cost of transportation to the office and back). But it does take a lot of time and paperwork.

 You will have to visit the office three or four times over the period of 9-12 days. That’s assuming you start on a Monday. And you don’t make any mistakes on the application form or forget a form (perhaps because they didn’t tell you previously that you needed it), that your Indonesian sponsor doesn’t make any mistakes on his form, and no Indonesian holidays get in the way. If any of those things happen, it could take longer.

 Basically the process goes like this:

 Simplified version

 First visit – Go to the immigration office where you plan to extend your visa. Pick up all the forms & instructions

Second visit
– Take in all your forms, photos, photocopies of passport. If this is your first time to make a visa extension in Indonesia, they will also take your finger prints.

Third visit – 3 working days later, return to pay your 250,000 rp

Fourth visit – 3 working days later, return to pick up your passport. Whew, you’re done

 Obviously, with the 3-working days between each visit, this cannot be completed within one week. It will overlap at least one weekend, assuming you start on a Monday or Tuesday. And if you make any of the errors mentioned above, it could easily entail more visits and more time.

Balinese family in north Bali

Balinese family in north Bali

Visa Extension Process in Detail

Step One – First Visit to the Immigration Office

 Bali travel tips - Indonesian Visa InfoGo the the chosen immigration office with your passport and tell them you want to make an extension. They will give you the correct forms (hopefully all of them) depending on which type of visa you have and whether you are making your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th extension. The 1st & 2nd extensions are the same. But the 3rd & 4th extensions require slightly different forms and one extra step.

 So it must be clear which visa you have and which extension you’re making.

 Be sure to ask the officers exactly what you need to do and how exactly to fill in each form. Write down all their instructions. Then ask more specific questions – anything you’re not clear about. Then re-state what you think you’re supposed to do, to confirm. And then ask them, “Anything else?”

 For one thing: The forms are written in Indonesian, not English. So you’ll have to ask them what each line means. Be sure to find out on each form which section is for your information and which section is for your sponsor’s information. The forms look almost identical, but they’re not. The sections for you/your sponsor are reversed on each form.

Don’t guess! You’ll make a mistake, the form will be invalid, and you’ll have to do it all over again. Make sure you understand what each and every line on each form means & what info to write there.

 All this questioning might sound excessive, but it’s not. It’s quite likely the officer will forget to mention all the details and leave something out. If that happens, you’re going to return to the office next time without everything you need.

 You’ll probably get 2 copies of each form, which you’ll have to fill in by hand. (Uh, hello, why can’t they use photocopy machines? I presume it’s just to make you jump through more hoops?)

terraced rice fields in central Bali

terraced rice fields in central Bali

Step two – Filling in the forms

 Carefully fill out the forms and have your sponsor fill out the forms as well. He/she will have to provide all his/her personal identity information: full name, address, phone number, marital status, religion, occupation, Indonesian ID number.

 He will sign the forms, but before doing so, he must place a special stamp, called ‘materia’ on the form at the specified spot and then sign his name on top of the materia. This is important! He must sign on top of the materai.

 There are many different materai in Indonesia. The correct one for visa applications costs 6000 rp / ~ $0.60 US. You can buy it at any post office, various small shops and at the immigration offices. (They prefer you get them elsewhere). All Indonesians know what a materia is and where to buy them, so just ask your sponsor or guest house owner.

 To save time, you could potentially combine steps 1 & 2 by going to the immigration office with your sponsor and fill out the forms there at the office. If your sponsor speaks English well enough, he might be able to translate the form for you to fill out. But be careful, because they might also make mistakes, especially if it’s their first time. It’s probably better to ask the immigration officials.

 Step three – Second visit to immigration

 Take all your forms, photocopies of your passport and two photos. You’ll need to photocopy three pages in your passport: the page with your personal information, your Indonesian Visa and your entry stamp into the country.

 If it’s your first time to extend a visa in Indonesia, they will also finger print you. On subsequent visits to the country, they wont’ have to repeat that. They have in on file.

 If all is in order (cross your fingers) then you’ll be instructed to return after 3 working days to pay for the extension.

 Step four – Third visit to immigration

 Three days later, return to the office and pay your 250,000 rp. ( Why oh why don’t they want your money when you give them the applications, like every other immigration office in the world? )

 You’ll be instructed to return in another three working days to pick up your passport with the extension.

 Step five – Final visit to immigration

 Three working days later, return to the office and pick up your passport.

 You must go through the extension process each month that you want to extend. You can’t do them all at once.

If you’re going to extend the visa at the same immigration office, on your first visit you could pick up all the forms you’ll need for every extension you plan to make. That way you’ll only have to pick up forms once. If you’re going to apply at different offices around the country, you’ll have to visit each new office to get their forms.

 Each extension will take about 10 days, during which time you have to visit the office at least 3 times.

 If you’re trying to travel through Indonesia, this can put a serious damper on your travels. For 10 days every month you must be near an office and return repeatedly.

 Now that you know all taht’s invovled in making a visa extension yourself, you might be ready to hire someone to do it for you instead.

Boat at Gili Meno - Lombok - Indonesia

view of Lombok from beautiful Gili Air Island

Hiring a Visa agency to do it for you

 You wont’ have to fill out any forms. They’ll do it for you.

 You simply give them your passport. They will get all your necessary personal information from that.

You’ll still need a sponsor. The agency will give you the forms for your sponsor to sign, complete with the special stamp, materai, already placed on the forms.

 Alternately, take your sponsor with you to the agency for him/her to sign the forms there. He/she will have to sign forms for each month that you’re going to extend, usually two forms per extension. So, for example, if you’re panning to stay 6 months, he’ll have to sign 2 x 4 = 8 forms.

 You will only have to visit the immigration office the very first time on the 1st extension, with the agency, regardless of how many times / months you extend.

 Give the money for your extension to the agency, along with their fees. Usually total cost is 450,000 – 650,000 rp. That is almost double to triple the price of the doing extension itself. But you’ve seen how much work is involved in making an extension each month. The agency will have to visit the immigration office all those times instead of you.

 That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

 The agency will probably be willing to hold your passport over the months that you’re there and handle all your extensions for you, without you having to visit them again, aside from paying.

 You will have to pay upfront each time. You could pay for all the extensions at once and go travel all over the country. Or you could stop by their office each month to pay. You might be able to desposit or transfer money into their bank account.

cidomo - pony taxi in Java - Indonesia

cidomo – pony taxi in Java

Summary and other notes

 Start the application process at least one week before your visa expires

You need a sponsor, an Indonesian citizen local to the immigration office’s jurisdiction

If extending yourself, you’ll have to visit the office 3-4 times over a 10 day (or more) period.

Make sure you get explicit instructions for each and every line of the form + anything else you need to do

Make sure you & sponsor fill out correct sections of each form! Else it will be void and must do over againMake sure the 6000 rp materai stamp is on the form in correct place and your sponsor signs on top of it

Hiring a visa agency to do the extension(s) for you will cost double to triple the price, but save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and hassles.

 If you’re staying in south Bali, go to the immigration office near the airport. Avoid the Denpasar office, which is crazy busy. At the Denpasar office, there’s a lot of waiting involved. And the officers there are rather hard asses. They’re tired of it all, no doubt.

 The friendliest, easiest and fastest immigration office in Bali is up north in Singaraja, located halfway between Lovina & Singaraja. But you must have sponsor from that area. And if you’re actually staying elsewhere in Bali, then it’s a very long drive each time.


Have you ever extended any Indonesian visas? If so, how did it go?

Do you have any other tips or information to add to this guide? Pitch in!


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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Lash,

    Love your blog!

    What a detailed breakdown here. When we arrived in Sanur, Kelli had a year long visa for teaching, but, um, the teaching gig did not work out ;) So we simply did the one month extensions. I recall the airport office fondly.

    They do not play around in Bali. The tough as nails woman behind the desk told us to go home and get our plane tickets; only place we had to do this. After the 3rd trip we got our extension, on 2 separate occasions.

    I was looking into the social visa route when we planned to do a year in Bali, since Kelli initially had the year, but all that changed after we decided to do Phuket so early in our 2 year tour through SE Asia.

    So fun speaking with you at the Indian Embassy today Lash.

    Happy Travels!


    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Ryan!

      thanks for stopping by and commenting! Great to see you here.

      The Social Visa is great if you know an Indoneisan who will sponsor you. But as long as they treat the Tourist Visa the same way, that one is simpler.

      Great meeting you and Kelli! Hope to see you again in Kathmandu or beyond. and thanks so much for the tips & suggestions.

      cheers, lash

  2. Matt

    Hi Lash !

    My girlfriend & I are running out of time on our latest 60 day visa. Too expensive to leave the country every two months vs extending (especially when entering / exiting Maluku — our upcoming target)

    A couple questions: When you extend a visa, how many pages get used up in the passport? For example, a 60 day visa takes a whole page. When they “convert” it… is that a new page? And each extension?

    Also… can you recommend an agent for Singaraja?

    We are in Java now, but want to be in Komodo. We haven’t yet seen Bali, so a stop over there could be great. Now I just need to find a place to stash our surfboards!


    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Matt,

      When you extend a visa, they only add a ‘chop’ stamp in your passport, just like the stamps they smack in when you arrive or leave. So they just take up minimal space. However, they put them into the passport somewhat randomly.

      Sorry, I can’t recommend any agent in Singaraja. In that area I’m sure you can find several quite easily in nearby Lovina beach. Many tourists stay there and do visa extensions at the immigration office that is just a few km away. Remember, you’ll need to get a local IN THAT AREA as your sponsor. The visa agent will do it or else help you find someone… but considering their high fees, they should be acting at your sponsor.

      Have fun traveling around Indo and surfing!

      cheers, Lash

  3. Matt

    Thank you Lash for the followup. We are going to give it a try in Tasik Malaya. I just need to find an agent in this town. It is a “class 2″ office. Hopefully extensions will be possible.

    I’ll report back here if we actually do this & how it goes.

    Have fun in India! Let us know if you find a cheap yoga deal. I’d love to pay by the month.


  4. Matt Pease

    Hi Lash –

    We are about to go to Bali & try to extend our visa there.

    We were going to try here, in Tasikmalaya. However, a knowledgeable local expat told me that we cannot extend a visa too early. We must wait until just 1 week is remaining on our current visa?

    Have you heard anything like this? By time we apply in Bali, we’ll have 2-3 weeks before our current visa expires. If we are rejected, I’d like to be able to buy an inexpensive plane ticket out.

    Thank you again-
    Matt & Reka

    1. Lash WorldTour

      hi Matt & Reka,

      I’ve never heard of anyone being rejected for a visa extension.

      Yes, the immigration office usually wants people to start the extension process for extensions #1 and #2 about one week before the visa expires. For extensions #3 & 4, they advise starting a bit earlier since there are some additional steps.

      If there’s a national holiday during hte time of your extension application, though, you’ll want to start a bit earlier I guess.

      cheers, Lash

  5. Lydia

    Hi Lash,

    Glad I found you online. I am currently in Ubud, and on my 2nd month here. I got a 30 day visa when I arrived 2 months ago, then got it extended to another 30 days by a visa lady in ubud. Now, I believe I have to leave to go to Singapore to get a social visa (same lady said she’ll sponsor me) and the cost is about $120 for the first 2 months, then $40 each month after that for the next 4 months. Does this cost seem correct? Seems a bit high but thought I would check.

    Other question is this – I am Canadian and I only have 4 pages left on my passport (although it expires on 2015). I’ve been told by same visa lady that I should go get a new passport through Jakarta, but was wondering if I could just do this in Singapore. Or would this be a problem since they would need my old passport and that means I cannot re-enter Indonesia with the social visa stamped on my old passport? Would appreciate any advice you have.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Lydia,

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad my post is useful for you.

      As I wrote in this post and the other one I mentioned here, the social visa for 2 months must be paid in the currency in which you buy it. (aka if Singapore, $ Sing, if Malaysia, M ringit) The amount equals about $50 US. Each monthly extension costs 250,000 rp / ~ $25 US. If the lady is quoting you $40, the remaining amount is her fee.

      You can get the visa in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia.. It’s much cheaper to stay in KL, Malaysian than Singapore. And usually much cheaper to fly there as well.

      I don’t know if having only 4 pages in your passport is a problem or not. I recommend you check directly with the Indonesian Immigration office to confirm.

      I also dont’ know how long it will take you to get a new passport. For Americans it usually takes 1-2 weeks. Check with your Embassy. Wherever you do it, you cannot leave that country until you get your new passport. If you’re going to do that, get your new passport first then apply for the Indo visa.

      Good luck! Always double check the facts with your Embassy / Indo Immigration. Things change from year to year.

      cheers, Lash

  6. Steve

    Hi Lash,

    I have a 60 day Social Visa that I need to extend. Problem is It expires in 2 days time. I changed my plans last minute. Have I left it too late or will they still give me the extension. I am Married to an Indonesian National.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi STeve,

      Gee, sorry I’ve replied much too late to help you out. I just got back online after being off-grid for 1 month in the Andaman Islands.

      If I’d replied in time, I would have told you that I wasn’t sure. You’d just have to contact immigration asap and ask. You might be ok to extend if you complete the application before the expiration date. Not sure.

      Let me know what happens! I’ll have more info to help other people. Hope you got your extension. :))

      cheers, lash

      1. Steve

        Hey Lash,

        Many thanks for getting back to me.

        I went along to Cirebon immigration as my wife is from Indramayu and it is her name on my passport. This office was the most helpful immigration office I have ever been to.
        I only had one day left on my visa, but the officer said that because my Wife was Indonesian and she was there with me, he would give me the 30 day extension.
        The officer helped us fill in the forms, then gave me a receipt for my passport, told to report there again in 2 days and pay 250.000 rupiah then be fingerprinted etc.
        Went along 2 days later but could not pay as the immigration computer system was down. They did not keep me hanging around, told me he would send an sms when my passport was ready and they would do the fingerprinting etc when I collect my passport.
        Now is the weekend, so just waiting for the message, but overall I think this office was pretty cool about everything.

        1. Lash WorldTour

          Hi STeve,


          thanks for letting me and the readers know how it worked out! Very helpful.

          Nice that Cirebon Immigration officers were nice and easy to work with. I’ve also found that the immigration offices outside the main tourist regions are much easier and nicer to deal wi th. Nice one!

          Enjoy the rest of your trip in INdo.

          cheers, lash

      2. david

        Hi Lash,

        Great info here, been researching for days without any decent info.

        You know anyone who has done the visa extension thing, month by month on a tourist visa recently?

        ANNNND, how were the Andaman Islands? Ive been doing a bit of research on them because I can’t see why they wouldn’t get waves given their location but really just wondered how you found it price wise, for you know basic stuff,bed,fan,fresh fish kinda living. Say compared with Indonesia where you could go all get a bed and meals for $25 a day.
        Ok if you get a mo, thanks for your response.

        Happy travels!


        1. Lash WorldTour

          HI David,


          Thanks, glad you found my info useful. :))

          The last time I did the month by month visa extension was in late 2010. I haven’t specifically spoken with anyone who has done it more recently. If you want more info, you could contact – better go to – an INdonesian Embassy and ask them if it’s still possible to renew the tourist visa month by month. It does change from year to year.

          As for the Andamans:
          1. Yes, very cheap!
          2. Here’s my opinion and experiences: http://www.lashworldtour.com/2014/01/my-trip-to-andaman-islands-india.html

          THanks for dropping by and writing.

          cheers, Lash

  7. Matt

    Just to follow up. We ended up using this service in Denpasar, Bali to extend our Visa.

    expatrust_bali @ yahoo.co.id

    He does a pretty good job. A little bit annoying that he wanted us to find his office rather than coming to meet me at a hotel that I actually new the location of in Sanur.. but still, they did the job & were not too expensive. 550,000 including the the government fees. This was to convert our 60 day tourist visa into a social visa. He also became our social sponsor for us. Only catch (which I think is the same with all these services) was that he required our passport. Basically, I just had to trust this guy that he wouldn’t go and sell our passports. He didn’t, got the visa, and after a bit of pleading, even delivered the passports back to our hotel in Sanur.

    Hope this helps someone…

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi MAtt,

      Awesome! Thanks for the follow up. Great to know that you were able to get your visa extended! Yeah! also great to know about the visa service you used. It’s cheaper than the one I’ve usually used in the past, so even I”M happy to know about them! :))

      One thing… not sure exactly what happened, but you didn’t need to convert your tourist visa into a social visa. The tourist visa itself, as is, can be extended month by month up to a total 6-month stay, same as the social visa. (Unless, of course, they;ve changed the rules again)

      In any event, if the service did the extension AND stood as your sponsor for 550,000 rp, that’s a good deal!

      Yes, of course they MUST take your passport in order to get an extension. No way around that! The only other option would be to take the passport yourself to the immmigration office. All good!

      Thanks again for the follow up!

      cheers, lash

  8. jords gasrcia

    Hello there
    Could it possible that my socio cultural visa will be made into working visa as long it abide in due process.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hello there,

      I don’t think it’s possible to convert one visa into another type.
      But if you’re seeking a work visa in Indonesia, you definitely need to consult the Indonesian Immigration and have a visa service help you process the work visa properly. It takes several months.

      Best luck! cheers, Lash

  9. Elen S.


    can i enter with turist visa on arrival and then change it into social without leaving Indonesia? I already have the sponsor but i am not in my homecountry and it is a bit complicated to do the visa before going to Indonesia…

    thanks for your help!


    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Elen,

      I don’t think you can change visa types after arriving. However, to get the real facts you should check with the Indonesian Immigration or else a visa service in Indo. I use BaliMode.

      Also, I’m not sure why you want to change from tourist to social visa? The tourist visa works the same as a social visa these days. As I explain in the other post about visa types, tourist visa can be extended month-by-month 4 times for a total of 6 months in Indo before you have to leave. And for the same price as extending a social visa. No need to switch,r eally….UNLESS Indo has changed the rules about tourist visas again. To be sure, check Immigration or Bali MOde.

      cheers, Lash

  10. Sen

    Hi Lash,

    Thanks for your info!

    I’m having a lil dilemma here in Bali. I arrived to Bali with a social cultural visa with a sponsor from Medan. I went to the agent today and the agent said I can’t extend my visa because my sponsor is not from Bali but Medan. So I either go to Medan to extend my visa or get out of the country. Both options are too expensive for me, I’m wondering what other options will I have? If I manage to find a sponsor in Bali, can I change the sponsor and extend the visa in Bali so I don’t have to fly anywhere to extend it?

    Your help and advise would be very much appreciated!!

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Sen,

      Oops, sorry to hear about your dilema! Yeah, the immigration offices in Indonesia get pretty picky about where teh sponsor is from when you do your extensions!

      In this case, I recommend that you go to a Visa Agency to get the correct advice. I usually use Bali Mode. They have offices in Kuta and Ubud. If you’re in a different area, they might go to you to help. You can also call them for the info. you’ll find their site online.

      BEst luck!

      cheers, Lash

  11. Cindy

    Hi there lash :)
    I have several question. Im so desperate right now cause i dont really know about visas process. As my boyfriend plan to visit (canadian)with social visa, we did couple of research and found some stated that he need a bank statement that at least he have to have some sort of balance fund to guarantee, its that truly needed? Cause he plan to bring cash. Secondly, do you know how long its going to take for him to wait for the visa process? And do he need to have evidence of obligation from permanent residence back in canada?
    I hope that you will respond and with help me with this. Wish you have a great day lash.



    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Cindy,


      I understand that getting a visa to a country for the first time can be overwhelming. But, first off, relax and breathe! It will be ok and it’s not that difficult!

      However, I’m not not clear about your situation from what you wrote! What is your boyfriend’s nationality? And what country does he want to go to?

      If he is Canadian and he wants to go to Indonesia, check this out: I wrote another post explaining all the types of Indonesian visas and what you have to do. The posts is here:


      I hope that helps.

      I dont’ know if the visa process is the same for Canadians as AMericans. I think it is, but you should check.

      What you really need to do is contact the Indonesian Embassy in Canada (if that’s where you are now) to get teh correct information. If you’re not in Canada, go to the Indonesian Embassy wherever you are.

      If your BF is not a Canadian trying to go to Indonesia, then ignore what I just said. And tell me his nationality and where he wants to go. Thanks.

      cheers, Lash

  12. Conrad

    My 30 day visit visa is up in 6 days. I plannned to exit by then as i have a new job in Kuwait. Problem is I had to send my pasport away to uk to get kuwait visa 10 days ago. it should have been back by now but is not. How can i extend without passport? What can I do? Do i just sit and exit when everything is back with me and pay whatever fines there are? Need advise and help asap.

    P.s. I am UK married to indonesian but on,y come on visit visa as Ii work international so cant get kitas etc.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Conrad,

      Wow, that sounds like a bit of a tight spot. I’ve been in much the same situation once or twice.

      What you really need to do in this case, and any other cases involving officialdom, is to contact the Indonesian Immigration, explain your situation, and ask them what to do. You could also contact the Kuwait Embassy, explain the situation, and see if there’s any way they can rush back your passport.

      One thing is sure – you can’t leave Indonesia until you have your passport in hand!

      I don’t know what the fines would be on over-staying, but you’d better contact Indo. Immigration before it expires so they’re aware of the situation and can advise you properly.

      Good luck!

      cheers, Lash

  13. Hannah

    Hi Lash

    Great to finally find someone who can give detailed information regarding extending Indo visa’s.

    I’m travelling with my 8yr old son. Travelling on a budget it tough work and when people give you contradicting information it just make it all the more tougher eeeekkk

    We’re coming into our second month now and I will soon need to start thinking about extending. My question this time is… Do I need to buy Another fake onward ticket to prove we’re leaving??

    My plan was to cover Sumatra (where we just left), as much as possible. Then head to Java and down across to Flores, then over to Sulawesi, then Kalimantan and up by bus to Borneo Malaysia. This would all be done by land and sea which will take a few months. Is there any way to explain to immigration that you can’t book tickets out when on this type of journey???

    Looking at the cost of it all it’s a tad off putting, but I’m determined to see as much of Indo as possible. If I can work out the forms myself then I’d rather lower the cost that way.

    Great Blog :)

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Hannah!


      GREat, glad to hear that the info I’ve put together is useful.

      Happily, you do NOT need to show onward travel tickets when you extend your visa. I’ve never had any immigration officer ask to see that. :)) You can simply extend your visa again, once a month, 4 times, for a total of 6 months in the country.

      Please do note that if you’re going to be traveling around Indo, you will have to find a LOCAL sponsor for each extension. If you’re in Sulawesi when your extension comes due, for example, you’ll have to find an Indonesian living THERE who will sponsor you. They will probably ask for a fee, like 100,000 rp to do so. So you should find someone well before the deadline for making your visa extension application. Try the guest house owners or staff where you’re staying.

      The other way around that is to have a visa agency handle all your extensions for you, in say, Bali. You just go travel wherever. Leave your passports with the agency and fill out all the paperwork beforehand with them. And they will take care of each extension each month.

      You’ll probably have to pay them upfront for each extension you want them to make. So it will require trust on your side. And it will also cost a lot more than doing it yourself. But save you A LOT of hassle and time.

      Each extension, if you do it yourself, will take about 10 days to complete. You’ll have to stay in one area while it’s processing, which can really put some wrenches in your travel plans.

      One agency I trust is Bali Mode – in Kuta and Ubud. Nothing to fear from them. Totally reliable.

      Good luck! cheers, Lash

  14. Eduard

    Hi Lash,

    Just found your website a few days ago and all I can say is Wow!!
    Your blog and tips are inspiring. Thanks for sharing all your travel experiences with the world. It’s so nice to read.

    I’m a bit of a traveller myself, but still not as much as you.
    Lately I’ve been thinking on doing a trip to Indonesia, because this is still a country which I didn’t visit and is high on my to do list. Now I was wondering if you could give me some tips and answer a few of my questions.

    First a question about the visa.
    If I go to Indonesia I’d like to take as much time as possible and was thinking on getting a tourist visa and extend it a few times. To get as much out of it as possible.
    The question I have is about the flight ticket to Indonesia.
    Can I buy a flight ticket with a return date 6 months later, or because you start of with a visa that is valid for just 2 months Indo immigration want to see a return flight after 2 months? What if I don’t know where I want to go after my stay in Indonesia?

    Another question I have is related to your own experience of diving and working in Indonesia.
    On your blog I read you’ve been working as a diving instructor on Bali. And by being a instructor myself I also would be interested to work a bit in Indonesia to cover some of my expenses.
    So the questions I have about this are,
    (maybe this is not a wise question to put on a open blog) but did you worked legally as a dive instructor? How did you obtained your dive job there?
    Is it easy to find a dive job when you are in the country and do they let you work on a tourist visa or do they easily provide you with a work visa (KITAS, right?)

    Many thanks for taking the time of answering my questions.
    I highly appreciate this!!!

    Send you many joy for the rest of your journey.

    Friendly greetings,

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Eduard,

      WElcome! Glad you stumbled upon my site and have been enjoying it.

      Great, you’re planning a trip to Indo! Fun place.

      I’d be happy to help you plan your trip.

      Since you need so much information, which will take a chunk of time, I’d be happy to schedule a trip planning consultation, either by email, skype or online chat.

      For free, I’m happy to answer one of your many Qs here. What would you most like me to tell you about?

      Thanks for stopping by.

      cheers, Lash

  15. Christin

    Hey there!

    Just one short question.. Where do I find those visa extending agencys? ( i am in Bali )

    Thanks for answering :)

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Christin,

      The visa agency I know and have used myself is called Bali Mode. They are located in Ubud and Kuta. Look up their addresses and phone numbers on their website. :)

      Good luck! cheers, Lash

  16. Hannah

    Hi Lash thanks for the info

    We’re in Ubud now! It looks like we’ll just have to get the visa done here as we’ve got 14 days left and I wasn’t planning on getting to Lombok until Thurs so we’re going to have to sort it before we leave.

    Where about is Bali Mode please? We have been quoted 850,000 pp which seems steep?? I know the visa is now $35 since July 14th.

    Thank you for the info; something I can now pass on to lots of other confused travellers :)

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Hannah,

      Ok, in Ubud! hope you’re enjoying it!

      I dont’ actually remember the street name or address of Bali MOde in Ubud. YOu can easily find it on their website. :))

      Last time I renewed a visa, the immigration fee was $25 rather than $35. If your’e using a visa agency like Bali MOde, each place has their own costs. Bali Mode used to cost 650,000 rp. It’s pretty expensive, but they do everythign for you. As my post explains, you’ll have A LOT to do if you do it yourself. It’s eitgehr your time & hassle or your money. Your choice. :)

      Good luck! cheers, Lash

  17. jj

    so glad i found your site anyway i am from philippines , me and my boyfriend from USA planning to come and meet at lombook , we are planning to stay there for a while,,
    what would be the best kind of visa i need and did you know what to do to become a residence at lombook we like to settle down there, Tia…


    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Tia,

      Welcome and thanks for your question.

      First of all, since you’re Filipina, the Indonesian visas available to you might be different than those for Americans. In fact, you might not even need one (If your 2 countries are both part of the SE Asian country alliance about not needing visas to visit each others’ countries).

      Secondly, if you’re planning to settle down in Indonesia and/or stay longer than the allowed maximum 6 months for a tourist or social visa, then you need to check into a completely different kind of visa. I’ve never used those visas, to I dont’ know the details.

      Third, visa regulations change from year to year.

      So, the only way you’re going to get the correct information for yourself and your boyfriend is to contact Indonesian Immigration or Indonesian Embassy. One other option is to contact Bali Mode, a visa & business service located in Bali. Look them up on their website to find out how to contact them with your questions.

      Good luck!

      cheers, Lash

  18. Yan

    Hi Lash,

    Great blog, insights and tips! Happy I stopped by.
    And of course I hope you could help and point me in the right direction regarding indo visa. I ve been living and working in Jakarta for the past years (kitas) and am planning to stay in Bali for the next 6-7 months. The initial plan was for me to travel to Singapore on a monthly basis (less with visa extensions) but I’ve just heard that there’s a limit on the times I can do that. Not sure how reliable my source is but ‘a max of doing that trip 3 times’ was mentioned. Has the immigration law recently changed in any way? I just got back from the first SG visa run and, well, was surprised to hear that.

    Would be great to hear back from you ;)
    Many thanks!

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Yan,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      The Indonesian visa rules can change from year to year. I’m not sure what the rules are this year.

      The only way you can get the correct information is to contact Indonesian Immigration, Indonesian Embassy, or a reliable visa servicing business such as Bali Mode, located in Bali. Find their website and contact info. online.

      I hope that’s helpful.

      Best luck! cheers, Lash

  19. Mathilde

    Hi Lash,
    I was wondering if I get a Visa on Arrival and plan to extend for an extra month, Im gonna need to have my return ticket before the end of my first month otherwise they ‘re not gonna let me in the country right? Would it be the same if I get a 2 month tourist visa and try to get one month extension?
    thank you

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Mathilde,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Sorry, I really can’t answer your questions accurately. You need to check the Indonesian Embassy website, visit an Indo Embassy or call them to get the correct information.

      Best luck.

      cheers, Lash

  20. Chris

    Can one obtain permanet residency via marrying and indonesia lady,or which possible is it,getting married to an indonesia lady?

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Chris,

      I think it’s possible, but teh only way to find out for sure it to contact Indonesian Embassy or Immigration and ask them. OTherwise you can contact a good visa service company like Bali Mode. Find their website online.

      Best luck!

      cheers, Lash

  21. Stijn

    Wow! Great breakdown of the visa on arrival extension process. Probably the most detailed I have seen so far, great job.

    Just wanted to add that as of 3 July 2014, the 30 day Indonesian Visa On Arrival fee has gone up from USD 25 to USD 35 per passenger which goes for the 30 day extension as well. At the same time, the visa overstay penalty has gone up from Rp 200,000 to Rp 300,000 a day.

    Take care

    1. Lash WorldTour

      HI there and welcome.

      Thanks for your comments and for updating about the visa costs. Yes, I have heard about that. I guess I’d better update teh info in this article! Thanks for the reminder.

      Best regards, Lash

  22. Dr. Mark Linkert

    My question is this. I am from U.S.A. and I am presently residing in Indonesia. I am here on a Visa On Arrival, and I’ve extended it once already. I only have 2 weeks remaining on my extended VOA, but I want to stay and find a job. I want to find a job as a Doctor or even any other job at this point, I want to stay here. The people here are so nice! How can I stay here? Can I get a Tourist Visa? …..but I don’t have an Employer to write a letter stating I’m going back to U.S. Can I get a Tourist Visa without an Employment Letter? Can I get a Social Visa? …..I might be able to find a Sponsor. Can I convert my VOA to a Tourist Visa or Social Visa? I am willing to utilize an agency if necessary to accomplish this. I am prepared to fly out of the country to an Indonesia Embassy in another SE Asia country to acquire another Visa. What are my options?

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hello Mark,

      I advise you to contact Bali MOde visa service. You can find their website online with contact info and addresses. they have 2 offices in Bali – in Kuta and in Ubud.

      As far as I know, you have to leave Indonesia and get a new visa, either tourist or social visa. Check out my post detailing those visas.

      In order to work in Indo you MUST get a work visa, called kitas, which takes a long time to process (3-6 months) and costs several thousand dollars.

      Check with Bali Mode on exactly what your options are.

      If you’d like more thorough information and advice from me, you can set up a travel consultation with me via email or on the website Plansify.com, where I’m a travel advisor.

      Best luck! ‘

      cheers, Lash

  23. Hera van Willick

    Hi Lash,

    Thank you for putting this berry useful information online and sharing it!!
    One short question:
    I have 60 day visa and I would like to extend it in Bali (near airport). Can I go for the extension 30 days before my visa expires? Will they extend it with 30 days staying at the end of the 60 days?

    Reason is I could have a sponsor here in Bali and then I could travel another two months without worrying about my visa, after that.

    Hope you have an answer.
    Thank you. Hera

  24. Hera van Willick

    Hi Lash,

    Thsnk u for sharing all this information.
    Do you know if you can extend your visa already a month before it even ends???
    Would suit my plans better!
    Hope to hear from you!! Thanks!

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Hera,

      YOu are most welcome.

      I’m not sure how far in advance you can start the extension process. The immigration officers always recommend going into the office one week before the visa expires.

      The only way to find out is to ask at immigration.

      If one month before suits you better and they won’t process it that early, you could always let Bali Mode or other visa agency handle it, as I suggested here.

      Good luck!

      cheers, Lash

    2. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Hera,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been out hikingi n the wilderness of New Zealand and offline for over 1 week.

      See my reply in your other comment above. :)

      cheers, Lash

  25. leanne

    Hi Lash
    Thank you for the information.

    I have searched everywhere for info om extending a VOA.

    I keep on getting mixed info. Most websites say that the VOA cannot be extended, but I saw in a comment above that a person recently extended their VOA?

    Or that it has to be due to ilness or injury…?

    Could it be that this is only allowed for Americans and not South Africans?

    1. Lash WorldTour

      hi Leanne,


      You are most welcome.

      I’m not surprised that you’re getting different information. Probably many travelers have different experiences with extending VOAs.

      I do know people who have gotten extensions. As far as I know, it’s pretty standard to extend them if you pay. Perhaps you’d need to have an agency like Bali Mode take care of it for you, though. Technically, it’s not allowed. But practically, can do. At least during years I was there. Last visit 2012.

      If you really want to extend a VOA, I recommend going to BAli Mode or other agency to sort it out. Otherwise, leave the country, get a proper 2-month visa, and return. Those can definitely be extended.

      Good luck!

      cheers, Lash

      1. Leanne

        Hi Lash we ended up just coming in with the VOA.

        Luckily we can extend it . We wanted to use an agency, but fingerprints is also a requirement now, so now matter what one will have to make a trip to the immigration office to do the prints.

        Another thing they also want now is your boarding pass…but obviously after a month we didn’t have this anymore so after a while she said its ok.

        Enjoy ur travels

  26. Rick

    Hi, my son is thinking of going to Bali. He is a qualified scuba diving instructor. He has been told by “friends” that he can travel out there and get a VOA and work as an instructor and then just leave for a couple of days and and then stay for another 30 days and just keep repeating the process. Obviously, he doesn’t know until he gets there, if he will be successful in getting a job, so doesn’t want to pay for the working visa upfront. He isn’t planning on leaving the UK until May so has time to apply for a 60 tourist visa before he goes if that’s the better option. Do employers tend to pay for the. Working visa?
    Lots of questions, I know, but we would be grateful for your advice.
    (Great site btw)

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Rick,


      As for the Indonesian Visa types and processes, I’ve written this post, which explains everything I know:


      As for working on a tourist visa, that’s illegal. In most places in Bali, foreign dive instructors cannot get away with that without getting caught and heavily fined, perhaps thrown out and/or getting a black mark in their passport. It’s a risk.

      Whether dive shops will pay for a work visa or not varies. Whether he can get a job or not, who knows? Maybe yes, maybe no.

      If you or your son would like more in-depth advice based on my experiences working as a dive instructor there, I’d be happy to be your travel adviser. You can hire me at Plansify:


      Thanks for stopping by and hope you continue enjoying my travel stories, tips and photos.

      cheers, Lash

  27. Henrique Hernandez

    Hi Lash!
    First off,
    thanks for a very useful site.
    Has saved me a lot of headache already.
    I’m in Mataram,Lombok, right now and am dealing with an visa extension.
    I have a 60 day tourist visa from Sweden, that I’ve extended once in Bali -about three weeks ago. Stepping into the office in Mataram the other day -with my friend/sponsor- I was told I need to go to Bali to do my new extension, since my first was done there. Is this really real?
    And third,
    Any good visa agents in the vicinity (Mataram)?

    Thank You,


    1. Lash WorldTour

      HI Henrique,

      Great, glad my post was ueful to you.

      Sorry to hear about your glitch in Mataram. As far as I know and have been told, you can get each extension of a TOURIST visa anywhere in Indonesia. But, also in my personal experience, I’ve learned that each Immigration Office in the country does things a little bit differerntly. Sooo weird!

      So if the Mataram office doesn’t want to do your extension for some odd reason, I guess that’s their choice. Perhaps you could go back & ask again, very politely, and tell them that the Immigration in Bali / Embassy where you got your visa / Visa Agent…whoever… told you already that you can get the extension anywhere in INdo. See if that will get things rolling.

      Otherwise, I think you’ve got the right idea – find a visa agent nearby. I’m sorry i can’t recommend one there. The next best bet would be nearby Surabaya city.

      another idea is to call Bali Mode (website online) and ask their advice. They are a very good & knowledgeable agency in Bali. I’ve used their services many times.

      Good luck!

      ** Let me know what finally happens!

      cheers, lash

  28. joanne Mollica

    Dear Lash,
    WOw thank you first of all for all this great information! I am an American citizen, who wants to live in Bali, permanently. I have a sponsor, If I get married their, does that help, we were thinking about it anyways….We love each other, but I love being an American also, Any help? DO I have to give up my country and my social security would then be gone. I can not handle a 17 hour flight back and forth to the US, I rather hate flying…This seems unbelievable complicated, We just want to spend our time together their, but my family is here. Is their any way to have unlimited access to this country? I think its easier asking to go to the moon, lol…..thank you again for any help that you might render……Safe travels Lash and thank you!!!

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hello Joanne,


      Hey, I cannot blame you at all for wanting to live in Bali permanently!

      To answer your questions correctly, you’d best consult the Indonesian Embassy about their regulations. I’d hate to risk giving you the wrong info about something so important.

      Out of curiosity, how long have you known your Balinese boyfriend? And how much time have you spent in Bali in total? I HIGHLY recommend you spend at least a year of time there, get to know the people and communities better before you decide if you’d really like to get married and/or live there. You’ll be surprised how many other things you learn about the people, their culture and customs.

      And I recommend you read this post I wrote as well as the comments left by other western women. BE careful!


      Best luck.

      cheers, Lash

  29. Taige Zhou

    Hello Lash,

    After reading all the comments I have to say you are so kind and patient! I have a new question about visa extend you haven’t mention yet. I had two Months tourist visa since I came to Indonesia. And luckily I got a job in Raja Ampat as a diving instructor:) since last month my company starts to do my Kitas and it takes times. So they asked agency to extend my tourist visa for one month when I was in Bali at beginning of this month. Of course I went to the immigration office that time to take picture and leave my finger print. But till next month 8th ( my extended visa will expire on that day ) they still couldn’t finish my kita process. So that means I have to extend my tourist visa again. Now the question is I’m not in Bali during these two weeks and the agency in Bali they are holding my passport. Last time for sure my company didn’t ask the agency to do it as multiple extend. Do I have to fly back to Bali to visit immigration again or they can do it for me without me?

    It’s weekend now. The agency doesn’t work today… But I really need to know it to arrange my trip before next Monday. Hopefully you can help me for that:))

    1. Lash WorldTour



      Ah, ha – another visa situation.

      It really depends on the agency whether you need to return to Bali or not. Perhaps they can do the next extension without you since they already have all your information, passport, signature, etc. But maybe they need you to sign more forms again? You really must talk to the agency about that.

      My agency, Bali Mode, was able to do all 4 extensions for me without me being there. But I had arranged it with them from the beginning.

      Best luck!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      cheers, Lash

  30. seeme

    Hello Lash,
    I am here on a tourist visa,but i joined the course for makeup,which is for 6 tp 8months,thinking it will be easy to get the sponser.so what option do ihave. iam a us citizen.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hello See Me,


      I recommend you consult a visa agency there, such as Bali Mode, which I’ve mentioned in this post.

      As far as I know, the absolute longest you can stay is 6 months. If you need 8 months, as far as I know, you must leave Indo and return on another visa. Confirm with the Indonesian Immigration Office or a visa agency there.

      As for a sponsor, I suggest you ask someone at your make-up course: the school owner or staff, or a local taking the course, or the owners of your guest house.

      Good luck! and let me know how it works out.

      cheers, Lash

  31. Olivia O'dwyer

    Hi Lash,

    Your post is very clear and informative thank you so much. However, I just went on the Indonesian embassy website and it says that the 60 day tourist visa can not be extended. Is this a recent change or is it still possible to extend the tourist via? Also, is it relatively easy to find a sponsor when you are in the country? Are most people reasonably happy to do this for someone they don’t really know?

    Kind regards,


    1. Lash WorldTour

      hi Olivia,


      Hmm, well the Indonesian Embassy/Immigration Department’s rules on the visas do change from year to year. So it’s possible that they no longer extend the tourist visa. I don’t know for certain one way or the other. I recommend calling the Indo Embassy and asking them.

      You could also contact the visa agency I recommended in my post: Bali Mode. They will know the current rules.

      As for finding a sponsor, yes, it’s pretty easy to find someone. If worse comes to worse, you can pay someone to sponsor you. Bali Mode, for example.

      Good luck. And please let us know what you find out about the Tourist Visa for 2015. Thanks!@

      cheers, Lash

  32. Usman

    My parent’s 60 days visa is going to be expired on 9th June.
    I live in BSD Tangreng but unfortunately my office visa lady applied in Jakarta area and they asked to do so in Tangrang.
    I can apply on 3rd june at earliest.
    Do you think we will get visa extension by 9th june or there will be risk of visa expiry if they dont extend?

    Any advice here.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Usman,


      I can’t advice you 100% accurately. The best place to ask is with 1. Indonesian Immigration or 2. your visa agent. They can give you the correct information.

      Best luck.

      cheers, Lash

  33. Syada

    Hi, i am malaysian taking mandarin short course in one of university in Jakarta. This is my first time extensing my visit visa. And i have to go through an interview to extend my visa. Is this one of the process or how?


    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hello Syada,


      I’m sorry. I dont’ know what the regulations are for Malaysians in Indo. You should contact the Indonesian Immigratioin or a visa agency for correct information.

      Best luck.

      cheers, Lash

  34. Prachee jain

    hi .
    i have visa on arrival and i took one more month by this but one agent is saying that it will be extend till two months
    please help me as soon as possible

    1. Lash WorldTour


      Visa procedures do change from time to time. The visa agent in Indonesia should know the most up to date correct information. Rely on them.

      cheers, Lash

  35. Bas

    Hey Lash,

    I will extend my 60 days tourist visa 4 times, so I can stay for half a year.

    Did you or other people around you make recent attempts like me?
    I really like the option to go to immigration only one time, to take a visa agency and a sponsor with me to fill in all the forms for 4 months. The only thing is that I have to leave my passport in Bali then. I will also be travelling to Lombok and Komodo. Bit of a risk isn’t it? To leave my passport with an agency for 4 months without seeing them… Any suggestions?

    Thank you so much for this website!!

    greetzzz, Bas from Holland

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hey Bas,

      Great plan! Having an agency handle it all is soooo much easier! more expensive, but a lot less hassle.

      * Make sure they understand you want them to update all 4 months without you returning to their office! So make sure they do ALL the paperwork neccessary before you leave!

      * It should not be a problem to travel within Indonesia without your passport on hand. Just make a copy or two to carry with you. There’s no law taht you must carry your passport with you at all times. (BUt double check that with immigration!) You wont’ be able to leave Indonesia, but can travel within the country. Taking another ID – or 2 – with you might be helpful – driver’s license, etc.


      cheers, Lash

      1. Bas

        Thank you so much for your answer Lash.

        I think it’ll be those 6 months in Indonesia.

        One more question: someone writes that you have to proof (with a ticket) that you are leaving the country, everytime you want to extend with one month. What do you know about that? Sounds bad if you have to buy a ticket to Singapore 5 times in total, without using any of them.

        1. Usman

          No you dont need to show your extended ticket.
          I did extend my parents visa 2 times and didnt show any return ticket.


  36. Aditya

    Hi Lash,

    Glad to see you are so active and responsive.

    I do travel to Indonesia on Business Visa for my business meetings with invitation letter from my client.

    This time my meetings will go for 50+ days.

    Can you please suggest how to proceed?

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Aditya,

      Ok. I’m sorry I dont’ know anything about Business Visas for INdonesia. I suggest consulting with a visa agency in Indo and/or visitng the Indonesian Embassy wherever you are. They can give you correct current information.

      Good luck!

      cheers, Lash

  37. Helen

    Hi Lash
    Thanks for all the great info. We are travelling in Indonesia and Malaysia for 6 months. I understand US citizens get a free 30-day tourist visa for Indonesia on arrival. My question: is it possible to get a new free visa by flying out of Indonesia and returning the SAME day?

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Helen.

      As far as I know, you can fly out and return the same day. ** Be sure to double check that with an Indo Embassy though.

      On the other hand, it would be A LOT cheaper to stay in INdo and get an extension on a visa than to fly out & back!

      be sure to double check about that FREE visa on arrival! I have not heard of that before. It’s always been $25 and then became $35 a couple years ago. That visa you can extend for another month. Costs about $25 for extension – MUCH MUCH cheaper than flying out & back (several hundred dollars).

      cheers, Lash

  38. tsaeling

    Thank you so much for the detailed information. It was extremely helpful.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      You are most welcome! Glad it was useful. :)

      Enjoy your travels in Indo.

      cheers, Lash

  39. rizka

    Hey Lash!,
    I have some questions for you.
    my boyfriend will visit me with social visa, I thought it will be available for 2 months but suddenly the government changed the regulation for only 1 month available. My boyfriend will stay for 1.5 months and he will stay in Surabaya and I’m on Jakarta. I will have really busy schedule when it’s time for extend the visa.
    So to make it simple, can He just gone to Singapore for 1 day and the back to Indonesia to get Visa on arrival? And how long he needs to stay in Singapore and then back to Indonesia to get the VOA? So we don’t have to go to immigration office to extend the social visa. Because our schedule is really tight!

    Thanks alot!

    1. Lash WorldTour

      hi Rizka,

      Oh boy, The Indo goverment changed the visas again! It can happen any time.

      The only way for you to be SURE about the answers to your questions is to contact Indonesian Immigration and ask them. Or contact a good visa service and ask them. You need official information.

      I don’t want to give you the wrong info. I’ve never left Indo on a visa run for just one day. I’ve heard of other people doing it, but I dont’ know what the rules are now. They could change also.

      Best luck!

      cheers, Lash

  40. Kim

    Hi Lash! Thank you so so so much for this. The paranoid was able to calm down a but after reading through your detailed blog. Great job!

    Quick question though, do you know anyone who processed their extension in Jakarta? If so, did they have a harder time vs the ones in Bali? Do you know any agents from Jakarta that can help us? Thank you!! :)

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Kim,


      Glad my article helped you calm down. Calm is always good!

      So sorry, I don’t know any visa agencies in Jakarta. The only thing I can think to suggest is to contact Bali Mode in Bali and ask them if they can recommend anyone in Jakarta.
      Good luck!

      cheers, Lash

  41. Diana

    Hi Lash!

    My husband and I will be working as expatriate teachers in Bintaro, Indonesia soon. We have informed the school that we will bring our 3 year old son with us. This would mean that we need someone to look after him while we are at work. We really want to bring his current nanny with us in Indonesia because she is someone we can trust already and next to us, she is also someone that our son is familiar or comfortable with. Right now, what we know is she can have a tourist visa which is only good for a month. We have been trying to research on how we can possibly prolong our nanny’s stay in Indonesia. You might have some advice?

    Thank you very much and looking forward to your immediate response.


    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Diane,


      My best advice for you, as I mentioned in this article, is to consult with a visa agency and/or Indonesian Immigration. They are really the only ones who can give you current accurate information.

      Unless things have changed (possible), as I explain, you can extend a tourist visa. But it all depends on each person’s nationality too.

      Best luck and enjoy your time in Bali!

      cheers, Lash

  42. Frederik

    Dear Lash,

    Thank you for creating this extensive explanation about the visa possibilities in Bali. Very interesting read. Right now me and my wife are travelling with our 4 year old boy on a 60 day tourist visa. The problem we are facing now is that our stay in Indonesia will be 65 days…. We booked our tickets before checking the visa regulations. Pretty stupid we did not check it. However we are thinking about booking a flight to Kuala Lumpur for a few days and than return to Bali to get a new visa when we enter the country again. Will it be as easy as that? Spending long time on one place to extend the 3 visa ourself is not the best option for us as we want to travel around and I am not so happy to give away our 3 passports to a arranging-office. Today we are at day 30 of our 60 day tourist visa and staying in Lovina with plans to go South again the coming days. The visa we have now expire at the 20th of may while our flight back home will be on the 25th of may….If we travel to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and immediately fly back we will get a 30 day visa on arrival if I am right? Are there other cheaper options for us? I heard you can also pay a day-fine when leaving the country when your visas are expired? We are a bit lost what to do now and look forward to hear your opinion.

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hello Frederik,

      Welcome! Thanks. Glad my article is helpful to you.

      The best way to figure out what to do is to go talk to Indonesian Immigration Office or an Visa Agency like Bali Mode. They can give you the correct information. Their regulations change from year to year, so it’s best to get the latest rules.

      As for your suggestion and Q: Yes, you can fly to Singapore or Malaysia (or Perth, Australia – cheap!) BEFORE your visa expires and then return to Bali as soon as you want. You don’t have to wait any days to return. And yes, they’ll give you a Visa on Arrival – good for 30 days. Obviously, you’d be using up some of your 65 days to fly out and back.
      oopps, I just looked at the dates you mentioned here. I’m sorry I’m reaplying rather late. So sorry I missed your message here until now! I hope everything worked out fine for you.

      Best regards, Lash

  43. Carlos

    Hey Lash, Thank you for your very detailed visa extension advice. I’m currently in Jakarta under a visitor visa, visiting some local friends who are my sponsors. My visa was issued abroad, valid until the 30th of June for maximum 60 days and it is multiple entry. However, I wish to extend my visit for one more month.

    I’ve asked around about how I can extend it and have been told because my visa is multiple entry I can’t extend it. They have suggested in turn that I fly to Singapore and get a tourist visa.

    I was wondering if you ever extended a multiple entry visitor visa, or if yours was always single entry. If it is actually not possible to extend it, do you reckon I will have trouble applying for a tourist visa in Singapore 5 days before my multiple entry visitor visa expires on the 30th of June? Unfortunately my nationality is not valid for tourist visa on arrival.

    Thank you for your advice.

  44. Eren

    Hi Lash,

    We are a Spanish couple who are in Bali for holidays with VOA visa, it was free.
    The problem is that we hadn’t departure flight until now and we have just bought one for the 27th of July without realising that we arrived here in 20th of June, so it will be more than 30 days.
    What can we do? today is friday night, so everything will be closed probably until monday when will be 18th, just 1 day before our visa expires.
    We are in a rush!!!! Can you give us any advice, please?
    Your website is so helpful and you an authentic expertise!

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Eren,

      Oh, dear. Sorry I missed your message until now.

      I hope you could resolve things easily.

      My only advice would be:
      1. Go to the Indonesian Embassy on Monday, eventhough it’s just 1 day before your flight and ask them for an extension. or..
      2. Pay the daily penalty fee for overstaying your visa. Not sure the cost right now.

      If you get this reply, please let me know what you finally did.

      best regards, Lash

  45. SP

    Not sure if this thread is still valid. But I am in Indonesia on visa free. I hadn’t realized that I cannot extend my visa if I came on a visa free.

    Now my question is, do I need to go back to my country and then get a visa at Jakarta, or can I just exit to the nearest country and get my visa on arrival?

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hello and Welcome!

      You should be able to go to a nearby country that has an INdonesian Embassy, such as Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore and apply for a real visa. Or just fly back into Indonesia and get another visa on arrival. Of course, that depends on what country you’re from too. To be sure, always just check with an Indonesian Embassy, Immigration Office or visa service business in Indonesia.

      BEst luck! cheers, Lash

  46. Deborah

    Hi Lash – you’re blog is really helpful as I am getting conflicting advice! I came into Bali on a VOA on the 5th of November. I have my flight booked to go back to the UK on the 5th Feb – what would you suggest is the best option? Someone has suggested that I can go through the post office in ubud (possibly through an agency but its not very clear) and book a flight to Penang or singapore the beginning of January? Does this seem plausible? Thank you in advance

    1. Lash WorldTour

      hi Deborah,

      I suggest you check with Indo Immigration to see how long you can extend the VOA now. Someone recently told me it can be extended for 1 full month. If that’s the case, you can probably just stay there, get the extension, and take you flight as planned.

      If not, flying to Simgapore or KL would be good options.

      Best luck, cheers, Lash

  47. Carlos

    Hi Lash. I am curious if there is any actual rule about how much time you can spend in a year. You know how Shengen area allows max 3 months, then requires you to be out another 3 months and Brazil and Colombia both have a limit of 6 months per year in the country. Does Indonesia have a similar rule? Or after my 6 month stay I can leave and come back? Do they have any rule as to how soon I can return on a new visa if I just finished 6 months?

    Thank you!

    1. Lash WorldTour

      Hi Carlos,


      Good question. In all the years I visited Indonesia, you could simply turn around an return without any time in between visas…though it does take at least 1-2 days to get your new visa at an Indonesian Embassy outside the country. That’s the only thing that would need time.

      However, rules do change from year to year, so to be sure you should check with an Indonesian Embassy, Immigration Office or a visa service business.


      cheers, Lash

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