9 Best Travel Perspectives and Stories in 2016 on LashWorldTour

Lash suntanning at Bacalar Lake9 Best Travel Perspectives and Stories in 2016 on LashWorldTour

2016 was another full year of world travels for me and, boy, did I enjoy a huge diversity of activities and destinations!

Although I only traveled through three new countries – Belize, Mexico and Puerto Rico – I explored them all in great depth. I loved all three countries, but Mexico, in particular, I found incredibly diverse and fascinating. So much so that I spent 9 months of 2016 exploring the eastern 1/3 of the country (and I plan to return soon to visit the central region and Pacific coast for several more months).

In addition, I traveled around Belize for one full month and explored lovely Puerto Rico island for two weeks with local friends who generously served as my hosts and guides. The remainder of 2016 consisted of two 1-month visits to family in Florida, where I celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday in May and Christmas/New Year’s in December.

Lash a Misol Ha Cascade - Palenque - Chiapas

Lash a Misol Ha Cascade – Palenque – Chiapas

I’m happy to say that in 2016 I spent most of my life outdoors surrounded by nature. I explored several stunning islands in Mexico and Belize as well as the large island of Puerto Rico. I lounged, swam, snorkeled and strolled on dozens of beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.

I scuba dived in cenotes (natural spring caverns) in Yucatan Peninsula. I marveled at huge flocks of pink Flamingoes, floated high in super-saline pink sea water and got slathered with white mud in Rio Lagartos. I took a boat trip through gorgeous Sumidera Canyon in Chiapas state, visited gushing waterfalls, kayaked and swam in beautiful lagunas (small lakes), hiked in jungles & forests and climbed hills in beautiful Oaxaca Valley.

The entire region is full of ancient Mayan temples, in varying sizes and states of renovation. I visited several, where I climbed up pyramids, gazed out over the treetops of vast forests and even watched a night-time video light show projected on pyramidal ChiChi Itzen temple.

I also enjoyed many urban adventures during the year. In Mexico I explored eight colonial towns & cities, where I spent my time photographing historic buildings, visiting superb museums and art galleries, strolling cobblestone streets, people-watching in city plazas, joining weekend festivals and performances, buying fresh produce at local markets and eating delicious cuisine at local eateries and street stalls. In Puerto Rico I greatly enjoyed exploring old San Juan for three days.

Overland adventures included bicycling, scooter-ing, motorcylce-ing and catching buses, vans and collectivos. I also took five flights in 2016.

Not surprisingly, the stories and travel perspectives I wrote about in 2016 primarily cover Mexico, Belize and Puerto Rico. I also wrote about Guatemala, having just explored that wonderful country for two months in late 2015. In these articles I dish out all my insights on these fabulous countries, hoping to give everyone new perspectives and useful travel information.

I also wrote a random article about why I’d love to explore Iceland one day soon, prompted by stories and photos of friends and fellow travelers who’ve visited in recent years.

Without further ado, here are my best travel stories, insights and perspectives on travels through Latin America thus far.

enjoying espresso & French cake in San Cristobal de Casas

enjoying espresso & French cake in San Cristobal de Casas

1. One Year of Travels in Latin America

2. Introduction to Belize

3. 14 Things I Love about Belize

4. My First Impressions of Mexico

5. 34 Things I Love About Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico

6. Busting American Myths About Mexico

7. 13 Surprising Facts About Guatemala

8. Bacardi Rum Factory Tour – Puerto Rico

9. 10 Reasons I’m Itching to Explore Iceland


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